D Reading and Thinking Strategy

The D Reading and Thinking Strategy provides students with a method for narrowing down research topics into manageable amounts.

D Reading and Thinking Strategy Anchor Chart

Literally hundreds of teaching strategies have been devised. Here is a great hook activity for a topic you plan to study.

1. Devise

Ask students to brainstorm a general topic that you plan to study in the near future. Students will devise a list of everything they know about the general subject. For example, you might say:

  • The Civil War
  • Bullying
  • The Arctic
  • Ancient Egypt

This is a great small group or partner activity. Time the activity for approximately 10 minutes. Here is a great place to find fun classroom timers.

Fun Classroom Timers

2. Declare

After students have devised a list, narrow down the topic. You will declare a specific category from the general topic.

For example,

  • The Civil War – How did the Civil War start?
  • Bullying – Reasons Why People Bully
  • The Arctic – Penguins
  • Ancient Egypt – King Tut’s Tomb

3. Details

Once you have narrowed down the general subject to a specific topic, allow 5 to 10 additional minutes for students to list additional details to their list.

D Thinking and Reading Strategy Brainstormed List

4. Delve

Provide research materials including resource books and/or the internet. Have students delve into the topic. Depending on class time this can be as little as 10 minutes.

5. Discussion

Students will need to organize what they have learned to share in a class discussion. If students are working in small groups, they can highlight two to three interesting facts to share with the class. Explain that the group will share only one detail. It cannot be a fact that other groups have shared. This is why they must have more than one fact ready.


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