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Presenting Point of View

By using the comparison of a diorama, my students are able to begin to understand 1st and 3rd points of view. I tell the students that in first-person, you shrink yourself and become one of the characters within the diorama. If you were writing a story set in the diorama, you would describe what is happening to you. In third-person, you are outside the diorama, looking in, and telling a story about what you see.

Point of View Activities

Here are some online resources:

Quia Point of View Million Game

Point of View Song

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Download this free anchor chart.

Free Printable Point of View Anchor Chart


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Additional Resources

Point of View Activities at Teachers Pay Teachers

Mini posters, Lap Book, Task Cards, Turn Around Upside Down Printable Books, and Games are just some of the activities your students will enjoy in this unit.

Point of View Unit at Teachers Pay Teachers


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