Cause and Effect

Anchor Chart

Cause and Effect Anchor Chart

This anchor chart is a good example of one that lists definitions and provides examples. Notice the use of color and the large printed text. This anchor chart works well displayed in a prominent location for students to use the signal words as an easy reference. 

I also recommend giving students a lesson on writing cause and effect statements with causes coming first and then effects coming first. 

Examples with Causes First

Losing his job and the the fire that damaged his house are the reasons John is now homeless.

Megan fell out of the tree and broke her arm. She now wears a cast. 

Mom was busy getting ready for work, so I had to answer the phone when Sam called. 

Examples with Effects First

The referee called a penalty because the basketball player was traveling.

The parking lost was flooded due the heavy rain that poured down throughout the night.

Bison almost became extinct when early settlers found them easy targets for their shooting matches.  


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