Anchor Charts A Great Place to Get Ideas for Your Classroom

Language Arts Anchor Charts

This section contains over 75 anchor charts. Learn how to make some great displays for your classroom.

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Novel Anchor Charts

Most of these novel anchor charts pair with constructed writing responses. Get ideas and free printables for your next novel study.

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Math Anchor Charts

Get inspired to create math anchor charts with these examples.

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Making Your Own Anchor Chart Wall

My students have really enjoyed my wall of anchor charts.This page offers step by step illustrated instructions for creating a wall of anchor charts.

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Printable Anchor Charts

Create quick anchor charts with these free printables. Some of these printables are set to print 20 by 30 inches titled over 8 pieces of standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch pieces of paper. Just glue the printed pages onto flip chart paper. Others contain smaller pieces that must be cut out and assembled in a puzzle-like fashion to cover the 20 by 30 inch flipchart paper. Both styles can be ready in just a matter of minutes.

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