Language Arts Resources

Welcome to the Language Arts section of Book Units Teacher! Here, you will find resources and tools to enhance your language arts instruction. From reading comprehension to grammar, writing skills to vocabulary development, this webpage contains materials designed to support teachers in their language arts instruction.

The materials on this page range in quality from items I specifically made for Teachers Pay Teacher to materials that I quickly put together to use with my students. Many of the quick items are PowerPoints. Most of these are in the older .ppt format and are unlocked, so you can easily adapt them for your students. When planning a lesson for the next day, I find adapting something that is already made saves hours of time. I hope you find some materials to aid in your lesson planning.

The Language Arts section of Book Units Teacher is a great resource for educators seeking materials to enhance their language arts instruction. With a wide range of resources for reading comprehension, grammar, writing skills, and vocabulary development, this webpage contains many resources to aid you with your language arts lessons. And better yet, all resources are free.



This webpage offers resources for teaching grammar. From interactive lessons and printable worksheets to engaging games and activities, these resources cover various aspects of grammar, including parts of speech and verb tense.

Writing a Narrative

This webpage also offers resources for teaching writing. You’ll find different types of writing, such as narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive writing. These materials are designed to help students strengthen their writing skills, and become effective communicators.

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This webpage provides resources for vocabulary development. From word lists and flashcards to context clues and word study activities, these resources aim to enhance students' vocabulary skills, including word recognition, word meaning, and word usage.

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