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Anchor Charts


This is one of my favorite anchor charts, Because of this I wanted to share a quick and easy printable version, so you could make your own anchor chart in minutes. Both colored and blacklined images are included. Here is the download to get all the pieces you will need. 

Get the printables to make this "Text Structures Anchor Chart."

Text Structures  Anchor Chart
Text Structures Anchor Chart


Additional Text Structure Resources

Click on the link under the photo to get the free printable to make this staggered flipbook. 

In each box, have students write the definition for text structure and some signal words. 

In the rounded box, students will draw and label an organizer. Simply glue the pages you need in a staggered format. 

Instructions for Completing the Organizer: 

1) Print the cover and information pages onto colored paper. 2) Cut out rectangles. 

3) Begin with the bottom page in the stack. Turn the page on its back and place a thin line of glue across the top of the page only. Glue it towards the bottom of the organizer notebook or lap book. 

4) On the back of next page, place a thin line of glue along the top. 

5) Glue this page directly onto the organizer page moving it up approximately onefourth of an inch higher than the first page. 

6) Continue to add pages until all are glued down. 7) The pages should lift up so that students can read the information.



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