Problems and Solutions

Anchor Charts

Problems and Solutions Anchor Chart

Students use this anchor chart as a quick reference to what problem and solution is as well as a list of signal words.

Are you thinking that you are just too busy to create anchor charts? 

Here are a few time-saving tips:

1. Print clipart from your favorite artist. You don't even need to take the time to cut your printable out close to the black lines. Cut a 1/2 inch or  so outside of the lines. With white paper on white flipchart paper, no one will even notice that you didn't take the time to cut out the figures precisely.

2. Outline pictures and shapes with bold markers and color with crayons. This is much easier than coloring with markers. Markers often streak, and you must slow down to color close to the outlines.

3. Take the time to make a quick sketch of your chart before you begin. It really stinks to be over half-way finished and realize that you can't fit an important rule, message, example, etc. on the chart.

4. Buy paper with lines. You can count the lines to help planning the sections. This is a real time-saver. 

5. Print blacklined clipart and place the pieces under the page. You will be able to see the lines through the paper well enough to trace the pictures.  


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