Prefixes Suffixes and Roots

Prefix, Suffix, and Root Word Lessons

I’m excited to share this detailed free sampling of my Prefixes Suffixes and Roots Series. This sample contains three activities for 4 different affixes and root words, a total of 12 activities. 

A lot of planning went into this series to make it easy to use and adaptable for many needs. In planning this resource, I found that many school districts have grade-level lists of prefixes, suffixes, and root words that teachers are required to cover. Unfortunately, these vary greatly. Because of this, the resource is designed so teachers can easily select only the prefixes, suffixes, and root words that are required by their districts.

Prefixes Suffixes and Roots Materials



Each prefix, suffix, and root word contains three activities provided in both printable and digital versions:

  1. an organizer with a video lesson

You can check out a sample video lesson here. Links to four video lessons are included in the sample along with the organizers.


2. a one-page word list with definitions (Students write the words that match the definitions as they play the provided games.)

3. a one-page practice exercise with matching, multiple-choice, and other types of questions 

These three activities work well as short mini-lessons.

Check out these free prefix, suffix, and root word lessons.

You can go paperless with the Google Slides or have students create an interactive notebook. Students love interactive notebooks. I have found students return again and again to their notebooks to find rules and examples. The only problem is foldable organizers take a lot of time to create. Because of this, I played around with paper to come up with a design that is quick and easy for students to make. These new organizers require no cutting which means students are spending more time learning and less time assembling. 

Suffix Organizer

Setting Up the Interactive Notebook

The sample contains detailed instructions for setting up the series for interactive notebooks.

Briefly, organizers go in the front of each section: prefix, suffix, and root words. Next, comes the practice pages. Each affix or root word contains the word list with definitions on the front of the pages and the practice exercises on the back. The pages have mirrored margins making them easy to bind or hole-punch and place in a folder with fasteners.

Prefixes Interactive Notebook

Prefixes Suffixes and Roots Routine

Activity #1 – Organizer with Video Lesson

Check out these free prefix, suffix, and root word lessons.

Check out these free prefix, suffix, and root word lessons.

The video lesson with the accompanying organizer goes over the information students need to know, so having small groups learn different prefixes, suffixes, or root words is easy as the video lesson “becomes the teacher.”

Activity # 2 ~ Games

Check out these free prefix, suffix, and root word lessons.

Have students play the games in small groups. (Activity #2 is why small groups will help you. You will only need to make one or two games for each affix or root word because each group will be working with a different game.)


You can go paperless by having students play games provided on Google Slides.

Games include Memory, Dots and Boxes, Aggravation,  Tac Tac Toe, Hex, Loop, Bump, Blackout, and more.

Activity # 3 ~ Independent Practice

Check out these free prefix, suffix, and root word lessons.

Students complete the independent practice. Practice includes cloze activities, finding synonyms, categorizing words, analogies, puzzles, and more.

Finally, the series also has a catch-all section. Since this resource is an update of different prefix, suffix, and root word activities that were already in my TPT shop, I have included a section as a catch-all for various activities that were created for the original units.

If you missed the link above to get the free sample, here it is again. 



If you have purchased my prefix, suffix, or root word units in the past, this is your lucky day. I have totally revamped the units turning them into a series where the affixes and root words do not repeat. These updated units are full of new activities, so go back to the “My Purchases” list on TPT and download the units again to get the updated versions.


Gay Miller

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    1. Sorry!! I forgot to come back and add the link after the product was up on TPT. It’s now at the bottom of the post.

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    I would love to use this but cannot locate the link to download. Thanks!

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