Parts of Speech ~ Adverbs

Ten Ideas for Teaching Adverbs

Are you looking for some adverb activities? Check out the anchor chart below. Then follow the links to printables, games, and more. Be sure to download the mini posters. They make a terrific classroom display. My students especially love Idea #6 – Schoolhouse Rock. You’ll hear students humming  “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here.” Also Idea #9 -BrainPop – offers a great explanation on adverbs. Be sure students take the quiz that accompanies their mini lesson.


Adverbs Anchor Chart

 #1 Printables

 Download a free poster or banner at Teaching Ideas.

#2 Games

The Teach This Site includes instructions and printables to complete several activities. 

#3 Walk the Walk Charades

Full instructions are on

#4 Posters

 Click on the image to download the pdf version of the posters.


Free Printable Adverb Posters


#5 Using Picture Books to Teach


Picture Books to Teach Adverbs

#6 YouTube

YouTube has a number of videos on parts of speech. Try “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here” from School House Rock.

#7 Printable Practice Pages

Here are a few links to help you find lessons and practice pages:

#8 Online Games


Online Activity Wacky WebTales



Online Game - Adverb Tree House


#9 BrainPop

BrainPop is always a hit with students. Here’s the link to the adverb page:


Adverbs on BrainPop

#10 Foldable Organizer

Parts of Speech Layered Stack Organizer

Parts of Speech FlipBook blue

If you need additional materials to teach parts of speech, you may want to take a look at Grammar or Interactive Grammar Organizers.



Interactive Grammar Organizers



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