Parts of Speech ~ Prepositions

Ten Ideas for Teaching Prepositions

Enjoy these ten ideas for teaching prepositions.

#1 Printables

Download a free poster or banner at Teaching Ideas.

#2 Posters

Click on the image to download the pdf version of the posters.

Free Printable Prepositon Posters

 #3 Songs

#4 Dice Game

[Note: This game can be played with any part of speech.] 

Set Up

Prepare a list of sentence strips with long sentences that contain many prepositions. This could simply be a worksheet with sentences that have been cut apart.

Playing the Game

  • Divide the class into small learning groups of approximately four students each.
  • Provide each group with a set of sentence strips, an answer key, and a dice.
  • The players roll the dice to determine which player goes first.
  • On a turn, players draw one sentence strip. The player reads the sentence to the group. The player must then identify all the prepositions correctly.
  • Next the student awards or subtracts points from a tally sheet by first rolling the dice. The player is awarded the number on the dice times the number of prepositions in the sentence IF s/he answered correctly. If the player provided any incorrect answers, the number on the dice times the number of prepositions in the sentence are subtracted from the tally.
  • The winner is the student who has the most points when the time is called for the game to end.

 #5 Using Picture Books to Teach 

Picture Books for Teachign Prepositions

#6 YouTube Videos

YouTube has a number of videos. Try “Busy Prepositions” from Schoolhouse Rock.

#7 Printable Practice Pages

Here are a few links to help you find lessons and practice pages:

#8 Online Games


Online Game Preposition Desert

Online Game - Parts of Speech Asteroids

#9 BrainPop

BrainPop is always a hit with students. Here’s the link to the preposition page:

Prepositions on BrainPop

#10 Free PowerPoint

Click on the image below to download the PowerPoint.

Free Prepositions PowerPoint

brownIf you need additional materials to teach interjections, you may want to take a look at Grammar or Interactive Grammar Organizers.

Grammar contains graphic organizers, mini posters, and fun hands-on activities to help students better understand parts of speech. This resource covers the 5th grade Common Core Standards.  brown

Interactive Grammar Organizers



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