Gay Miller’s Book Units CCSS Correlation

Gay Miller’s Book Units - CCSS Correlation

My book units are divided into three parts:

  • vocabulary
  • comprehension/writing – responding to literature 
  • skills (These skills are often from the Language and Writing Strands of Common Core. I occasionally will add lessons from the Informational Text, Speaking & Listening, and Literature Strands.)


In the handout, you will find a series of charts by grade level. You may wish to use these charts to find units that cover specific skills.

Book Units CCSS Correlation

Important Note:

I placed each book in one level primarily based on Scholastic’s Book Wizard GLE score. For example according to Scholastic, Mr. Popper’s Penguins is a Level Q. Fourth grade levels run from M-T. Please note that the book you are looking for may be listed in a different grade level.

If you are looking for materials to cover a specific skill, I hope these charts will help you find just what you need.

Things to Notice

Some units appear not to teach many skills. This is most likely not the case since I have only included the CCSS Language and Writing Standards in these charts. Asterisks by some titles indicate the unit has skills from other strands.You can find more information on each title by downloading the individual previews.

Several units have a series of lessons to teach students how to write an opinion, narrative, or research paper. I have placed this information on the first page of charts.

By making these charts, I now realize I need additional teaching resources in some areas. I plan to add units in the near future based on areas that have limited options.


Gay Miller's Book Units CCSS CorrelationBook Unit Organization

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