FREE Novel Studies

All of these free novel studies were originally offered as weekly installments on my blog. These stories are in the public domain, so the full text is included along with vocabulary words and practice exercises. You will also find comprehension questions and constructed response questions. Some units include language arts skill lessons as well. To make finding all chapter parts easier, this page was created.

The following novels and short stories are FREE. Scroll down the page to collect them all or click on the titles under the circular images to go directly to the story you are interested in. 

Free Novel Studies


Free Novel Studies Featuring Hot Potato Quizzes

The next group of free novel studies was created a number of years ago before technology enabled teachers to use great resources like Google Forms and Boom Learning Decks. These units were created using a program called Hot Potatoes. They work great for small groups, SmartBoards, and homeschoolers. 

Novel Study Links

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