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Welcome to my aids for teachers index page, where I help upper elementary teachers find new and innovative ways to engage their students. This page links to various blog posts on multiple topics, from teaching strategies and classroom tips to student learning methods.

I offer free resources in my blog posts to help teachers get started and implement new techniques in their classrooms. You can find posts on Four Corners, Concept Webs, Semantic Maps, and Learning Logs, which are effective teaching techniques for upper elementary students. I also share classroom tips on creating anchor charts, designing engaging classroom displays, and more.

I also provide methods to help students learn, such as a growth mindset and memorization techniques.

I give sample handouts, such as the Parent Connection Newsletter Series, which you can edit to fit your classroom needs. These resources help you save time and effort in creating your classroom materials.

I hope this index blog page inspires you to try new teaching strategies and techniques in your classroom. Let’s learn and grow together as educators for our students’ benefit.

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