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Book Units Teacher Blog 

Book Units Teacher Blog

My name is Gay Miller and I am here to help upper elementary teachers find teaching materials that will make planning lessons quick and easy by providing "Monday Morning Reading" language arts units and activities for students. Click on the links to go to the catergory pages, or use main link to see the latest post.

Book Units Teacher Blog

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Anchor Charts

Who doesn't love anchor charts? With over 100 anchor charts on various topics, you are sure to come away with some ideas for creating these great educational tools for your classroom.  

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Bulletin Boards

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next bulletin board? Check out over 50 ideas  by season or topic.

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Are your students struggling with writing papers? Check out a great short research project. Students use a template to research details about their selected animals. Best yet, materials are included, so you can replicate this project in your classroom .

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Who said using apple theme lessons had to be for little kids? Check out these fun activities for upper elementary students including creative writing, classroom friendly recipes, book study resources,  and more.     

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Americans consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate each year. This averages over 11 pounds per person, So, why not include this high-interest topic in your lesson plans? Want to know how? Look here.   

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Are you wondering what to do when the holdiay season has students bounching in their seats? Check out Christmas Jeopardy, Compare and Contrast Christmas, I Have Who Has, as well as other great holiday activities.  

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Do your students love dogs? Create high-interest lessons by including these incredible dog stories, games, and activities in your plans. Your students will especially love "Name that Dog." Clues are provided for famous dogs. Your students must guess who they are.   

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Are you looking for some ideas to add some pizzaz to your school year?  Back-to-School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black History Month are just a few of the resources and teaching ideas you'll find here.

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