Anchor Charts

Theme Anchor Chart
Theme Anchor Chart


Free Printable Anchor Chart on Theme Rules + Free Printable Interactive Theme Anchor Chart 

Enjoy these free printable 20 by 30 inch theme anchor charts. In just minutes you can print, assemble, and have the anchor chart ready for use. The two anchor chart are in different files to make them easier to print.

The first anchor chart is a reference. It lists rules. The second chart is interactive. You can use this chart a number of ways.

1. Complete the chart during a class discussion. A great way to do this is to write what the class says on large sticky notes and place the sticky notes over the correct location on the chart. Writing on sticky notes is much easier. Rewriting one sticky note to correct a mistake is simple compared to trying to use Witeout. After you complete one sticky not, place it on the chart for all to see.This really helps with getting the classroom discussion going.

2. A second way to use the chart is in small groups. Divide students into groups of approximately 4 students. Have each group complete the chart based on a novel they have just read. Each group could complete the chart on the same novel or different ones. Again using sticky notes instead of writing directly onto the chart is a great way to go so that the charts can be reused by different groups of students at another time.  

Theme Anchor Chart

This anchor chart hangs in my classroom when I first introduce a lesson on finding the theme. The steps are really simple, but I often hear students quoting the 4 ideas for finding themes, so I know it is helpful. You’ll find these 4 ideas in the printable.




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Using Animated Shorts to Teach Characters and Settings

Download this pdf file with several theme related teaching idea and free activities.

Teaching theme with fables is an excellent way to start. Fables are short and often end with 'An the moral of the story is...' which directly states the theme. These activites are included in the pdf download.


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