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Multiplication Facts Tips and Tricks

Multiplication Tips and Tricks

Some students seem as if they learn multiplication facts overnight. Others struggle for months and months. Flashcards, using Brain Gym exercises while repeating facts, and catchy songs work with a few students. One method that works for many students is learning rules. Here is the list I have tried with success. Below is an instruction video that contains even more tricks or rules.

Rules for Learning Multiplication Facts

Rule #1 – Any number times 1 equals the other number.

5 x 1 = 5           1 x 7 = 7 Continue Reading

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Math Resources ~ Math Properties

Math Property Activities

Last summer I organized the math materials I had created in preparation for teaching a 5th-grade math class this school year. The result of this organization is several math blog posts.  You can find the updated math section of my website here. I also created four math products that I am selling on Teachers pay Teachers. 

This post contains two free resources for teaching math properties. The first is a foldable organizer. The second is a Smart Notebook practice. Continue Reading

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Math Resources ~ Geometry


Below this paragraph is a link to a Geometry PowerPoint that I created a number of years ago. I came across it as I was going through my math materials and decided to share. I remember it took a L-O-N-G time to create. The PowerPoint may feel a little choppy because I went through and deleted the slides that were textbook-specific.

I also had my students create a foldable graphic organizer with formulas for their interactive notebooks. Since I couldn’t find the exact organizer that went with the slides, I deleted those slides as well. Even with all the deleted slides the PowerPoint still contains 116 slides with eight lessons. It is not locked, so it can easily be changed to meet your needs.  Continue Reading

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 Two Geometry Bulletin Boards

Two Geometry Bulletin Boards

Creating bulletin boards for the school hallway can be a real challenge. Not only must they look impressive, but they also have to show students are learning important skills. This post two bulletin boards that were created for geometry.

Oh Geome-tree

Students really enjoyed creating this bulletin board. Not only was it quick and easy to put together, but the finished product also looks great! Continue Reading

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Coordinate Grid Activities

Two Cooridinate Grid Activities

This coordinate grid foldable organizer with building pieces can be used for many activities:

  • First students plan a town and then write the coordinates for each location. Continue Reading

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Math Resources ~ Place Value

Place Value Organizer

One of my summer projects is to organize my math materials so that I will be better prepared to teach a math class next year. While going through my materials, I found a number of resources I felt would be useful to others. I am providing them in a series of blog posts. If you find this post helpful, check back. As I continue to organize my materials, I will provide additional resources. Here is a great place value organizer.

This resource contains the foldable place value chart that I used with my fifth-grade math students. Interactive notebooks help my students immensely. I hope yours will benefit by creating some of these
organizers as well. Good luck and have fun!.
Continue Reading

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