Ten Interesting Facts Series

Ten Interesting Facts

This series contains facts that will interest students. The facts may be used to teach a large number of skills:

  • close reading
  • understanding nonfictional passages
  • analyzing data

Blog posts include printable versions of the facts for student handouts.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . The Revolutionary War

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . . The Revolutionary War

At this post, students will learn about about spying and Benedict Arnold. Other interesting facts include:

  • a line graph showing the British national debt
  • a chart with causalities 

Ten Interesting Fact ... Veterans' DayTen Interesting Facts . . . . Veterans Day

Add interest to your Veterans’ Day lessons by reading about the wars Americans entered. A chart shows an interesting breakdown of Veterans by race, war, voters, and education.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . HalloweenTen Interesting Facts . . . . Halloween

Included in this post is a chart of the most popular candy. You’ll also find a bulletin board idea with free printables.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . WormsTen Interesting Facts . . . . Worms

Learn about worms. Print a worm facts sheet for students to write their own worm facts.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The ConstitutionTen Interesting Facts . . . . The U.S. Constitution

After reading interesting facts, you can print two organizers to use in the classroom. One goes over the duties of the Three Branches of Government. The second goes over the Rill of Rights.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . VolcanoesTen Interesting Facts . . . Volcanoes

Students will enjoy learning about volcanoes. A graphic organizer is included.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . Surviving in the WildernessTen Interesting Facts . . . . Surviving in the Wilderness

Have students read this nonfiction companion to the novel Hatchet. Download a staggered flip printable organizer related to Brian’s survival methods.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The SunTen Interesting Facts . . . . The Sun

Students will enjoy learning about the sun. A printable graphic organizer contains facts about the sun.

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The Great DepressionTen Interesting Facts . . . . The Great Depression

Great Depression facts makes a great companion piece to the following novel studies:

  • Out of the Dust
  • Al Capone Does My Shirts
  • Esperanza Rising
  • Bud, Not Buddy
  • ECHO

Ten Interesting Facts . . . . The HolocaustTen Interesting Facts . . . . The Holocaust

Facts about the Holocaust makes a great nonfiction companion to Number the Stars.

Gay Miller

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