Teaching Spelling with Animated Shorts

Engage students by teaching spelling with animated shorts.
Are you tired of the same spelling routine? With this Teaching Spelling with Animated Shorts Series, students will be highly engaged in learning how to spell. With weekly animated shorts and monthly review games, students will be excited for spelling class to begin.

Spelling with Animated Shorts – The Routine

Here is how it works:

I love interactive notebooks. I have found students return again and again to their notebooks to find rules and examples. The only problem is foldable organizers take a lot of time to create. Because of this, I played around with paper to come up with a design that is quick and easy for students to make. Rules are taught with instructional videos paired with these easy-to-make organizers.

Some units have weekly instructional videos; others have one video lesson that reviews the skills for the unit.

Have students watch the instructional video that goes with the organizer. Pause the video when instructed to do so. Have students complete the organizer. Next, have students watch the remainder of the video to check their answers.

The Routine for the First 3 Weeks of Each Unit

Monday – Teach Spelling Rule

Tuesday – Spelling List for Study and Practice

Wednesday – Animated Shorts with Handouts

Thursday – Practice/Quiz

Friday – Optional Spelling Test

The Routine for Week 4 of Each Unit

Students review words in Week 4 with both printable practice and games.

Games included in the series:

    • Trail Game
    • Ludo
    • Snakes and Ladders
    • Dice Game
    • Connect 4
    • Dots and Boxes
    • Memory Games
    • Bump Games


A unit test is also provided.

The Standards

Common Core provides general standards in spelling across all upper elementary grade levels.
    Spell grade-appropriate words correctly, consulting references as needed.
    Spell grade-appropriate words correctly, consulting references as needed.
    Spell correctly.

The Videos

Check out how animated shorts can tie into spelling with these two videos. Download the handout to receive the full practice.

Download this preview to receive free samples to give this method a try.

Creative Tanks

In the practice, students look for mistakes in homophone spelling in a summary of the film and with facts about space. Here is an example:

A spaceship glides threw space. An alien sleeps at the control panel. Soon the ship’s fuel tank is empty. A warning signal goes off, and the spaceship stops.

The warning causes the control panel operator to wake up and call the workers to the fuel lab. All the workers have large glass domes on their heads filled with a blew liquid. One worker lags behind the others. His dome is filled with read liquid. At first, the security system want let the alien with the red liquid inn the fuel lab. Eventually, the door opens, and he goes inside.

1.Lightning storms on Jupiter and Saturn turn methane into carbon soot that falls and hardens into graphite and then diamonds. This means it reigns diamonds.

2.Apollo 11 landed on the moon in an area called the See of Tranquility, a large plane formed by a volcanic eruption.


Again students look for mistakes. Here is a sample from the printable:

The caveman makes wings out of leaves. He flaps his arms as if to fly. The second caveman comes buy with a hang glider. He does not allow the first caveman to come close thinking he will harm the hang glider. He jumps off the cliff and glides a short distance before a Pterodactyl comes along and picks him up. The first caveman decides flying isn’t for him and walks away. The caveman with the hang glider is scene in a nest with to young Pterodactyls. The mother flies over giving each one of her young and the caveman with the hang glider a fish to eat.

1.Some researchers believe humans started wearing clothes about 500,000 years ago. Around 42,000 years ago, the first needle was invented. This aloud people to wear clothing that was more secure.

2.The first pear of shoes was made about 5500 years ago. They were made with a single peace of leather sewn together on top.

Download this preview to receive free samples to give this method a try.

Teaching Spelling with Animated Shorts

Teaching Spelling with Animated Shorts

Teaching Spelling with Animated Shorts

Teaching Spelling with Animated Shorts

Teaching with Animated Shorts

Teaching with Animated Shorts

Here are two additional homophone activities you might enjoy.
Free St. Patrick's Day Homophone Activities

Activity #1

The first is an eight-page booklet with two stories. As students read the book, they will find 100 homophone pairs in numbered boldface. Have students write the correct word from each set on the “Student Response Page.”

Activity #2
A memory game is provided with 32 cards containing eight homophone pairs. Students match pictures of the homophones to the correct spellings of the words.

Click here to get these free activities.



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