Teach Suffixes with these Activities and Ideas

Are you looking for some activities to teach suffixes? Check out these free materials including activities for Google Slides, anchor charts and a PowerPoint.

Free Activity for Google Slides

Be sure to check out last week’s post “Prefix Teaching Activities and Ideas.” The prefix post contains some ideas and free printables for teaching suffixes. 

Activity #1 – Activity for Google Slides

Activities and Ideas for Teaching SuffixesThis activity for Google Slides helps students practice using suffixes that change the part of speech in words. Remember to save the file to your Google Drive to make it editable.

Activity #2 – Three Anchor Chart Ideas

Students enjoy anchor charts. Use them as a reference, as an interactive activity, or to model information that should be written on a foldable organizer. This section shows examples of all three of these. Be sure to click on either the last illustration or the link in the paragraph below it to receive the free printable organizer.

Teach Suffixes using an Anchor Chart –  Idea #1 (Reference)

Activities and Ideas for Teaching Suffixes

Anchor Chart Idea #2 (Interactive)

Activities and Ideas for Teaching Suffixes

  1. Using large flip chart paper, draw three to four vertical lines to form columns.
  2. Label each column with one suffix.
  3. On sticky notes, write base or root words that form real words when added to one of the suffixes listed on top of the anchor chart. Note: Start For beginners, use base words that form only one real words. For example, piano only forms a real word when the suffix -ist is added. Pianoible, pianoion, and pianor are not real words.
  4. Students place the sticky notes onto the anchor chart in the column that forms a real word when the suffix is added.

Try this activity using with small groups, as part of a learning center, or as an early finisher project.

Anchor Chart Idea #3
(Pair Anchor Charts with a Foldable Organizer for Interactive Notebooks)Activities and Ideas for Teaching Suffixes

Click here to download this free foldable organizer that goes over six rules for spelling words with suffixes correctly.

Activity #3 – Teach Suffixes with these Free PowerPoints

Click on the images to download these two free PowerPoints.


PowerPoint #1 Activities and Ideas for Teaching Suffixes

Activities and Ideas for Teaching Suffixes

This editable PowerPoint makes a quick easy review. Each of the ten slides asks a single question. Students determine which prefix or suffix to add to the base word to answer the question. The teacher then clicks to reveal the answer. The slides include five prefixes and five suffixes. Add, delete, or change the slides to fit the needs of your students. Also easily change the prefixes and suffixes to the ones you are teaching.

PowerPoint #2

Activities and Ideas for Teaching Suffixes

A Real World Example PowerPoint – This short PowerPoint was created as a hook activity for a lesson. It starts with a note Mom leaves about what snack you, the reader, are allowed to have. It contains just five question slides. Students must understand the meanings of the prefixes and suffixes to answer the questions. Again, adapt this PowerPoint to fit the needs of your students. 
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