Peter Pan Chapter 17

Chapter 17 When Wendy Grew Up


Chapter 17 When Wendy Grew Up Summary

The Lost Boys come up the stairs to the nursery. Mrs. Darling says she will adopt them. She wants to adopt Peter as well, but he says he will live in Neverland with Tinker Bell. Peter promises to return each spring to get Wendy. After all, he needs someone to do his spring cleaning. Mrs. Darling gives Peter her “kiss,” and he flies away. The children all start to go to school and live as normal children do. After a while, the boys forget how to fly.

Peter returns the next year. He has completely forgotten about Captain Hook and Tinker Bell. This is disturbing to Wendy, but she goes away with him for a while. The next spring Peter forgets to come. The spring after that Peter returns, and Wendy goes off with him again. 

For years Peter does not return. Wendy grows up. She gets married and has a daughter named Jane.

One night Peter returns. He sees Jane lying in the bed and thinks she is Michael. Wendy is in the room knitting. She sees Peter is exactly the same as he was years earlier. He wants her to fly away with him, but Wendy tells Peter she has forgotten how. Peter begins to cry which awakens Jane. They instantly become friends. Jane leaves with Peter to do his spring cleaning. Years go by. Jane has a daughter named Margaret. She too flies off with Peter. The cycle continues “so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless.” 


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Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 17

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Sample Questions from the Handout for When Wendy Grew Up

  1. Which of the following questions can the reader answer after reading Chapter 17?
        1.  Does Mr. Darling see Peter again?
        2.  How many generations of Wendy’s family have visited Neverland?
        3. Does Peter ever grow up?
        4. Will Wendy return to Neverland?


  1. Which of the following events took place first?
        1.  Jane crows like Peter.
        2.  Mrs. Darling gives Peter her special kiss.
        3. Wendy forgets how to fly.
        4. The Lost Boys go to school.


      1. Name the most disturbing thing that Wendy learns about Peter as he returns years later.


      1.  To be able to fly, you must be —-.


      1. J.M. Barrie says Neverland is a map in a person’s mind and it varies from person to person. Draw a picture of your Neverland.


    1. Why has the story of Peter Pan been so popular for over 100 years?

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