Peter Pan Chapter 16

Chapter 16 The Return Home

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Peter Pan Chapter 16 The Return Home Summary

Playing Pirates

For a while, the boys and Wendy ride around on Hook’s ship pretending to be pirates. Peter takes on the role of captain and imitates Captain Hook.

The Darlings

The narrator talks to the reader and says he would like to tell the Darling parents that their children are on the way home, but he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. The narrator likes Mrs. Darling the best of all the characters.

Mr. Darling feels that he is responsible for his children leaving home because he was the one who sent Nana out in the yard. Mr. Darling lets Nana stay in the house while he stays in the kennel. Mr. Darling even goes to work in the kennel. At first, everyone thinks this is strange. After a while, everyone thinks Mr. Darling is brave, and he is respected because of the love he has for his children.

One evening Mr. Darling comes home. He asks his wife to close the window because he is cold. She refuses. He then asks her to play the piano. Mrs. Darling goes into the room next to the nursery to play.

Going Home

Peter and Tinker Bell fly into the Darling home. Peter closes the window, so when the Darling children arrive they will think they are not loved and will return to Neverland with him. Then Peter sees Mrs. Darling crying. Her kiss has just about dried up. He feels sorry for her, so he opens the window back up.

The Darling children arrive. Wendy tells John and Michael to get into bed, so when their mother comes in it will be like old times. When Mrs. Darling sees her children, she thinks she is dreaming. The children then speak to Mrs. Darling. She still thinks this is a dream. Finally, the children rush to her, and she realizes her children are back home. Peter sadly watches the whole thing from the window.

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Chapter 16 The Return Home Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 16

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  • Vocabulary Practice with lull & remorse
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 16
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Theme]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Why must Peter be forever barred from the joyful reunion?
      1. Peter is too self-centered to feel the deep love of others.
      2. He doesn’t want others to be happy.
      3. Peter doesn’t want to grow up.
      4. Peter doesn’t want to join in because he might get hurt in the end.
  1. Which words best describe Wendy’s actions in Chapter 16?
      1. morally obligated
      2. callous indifference
      3. sensitive attention to feelings
      4. thoughtlessness
  1. Explain the similarities between Hook going down into the hideout and watching Peter sleep to Chapter 16 when Peter goes into the Darlings’ home and sees Mrs. Darling.
  1. Explain Peter’s feelings about killing Captain Hook.
  1. Tell how Mr. and Mrs. Darling have changed since their children left.

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