Peter Pan Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Wendy’s Story

Chapter 11 Wendy's Story

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Peter Pan Chapter 11 Wendy’s Story Summary

Wendy tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Darling who have three children: Wendy, John, and Michael. The parents are very upset because their children have left. They leave the window open at night hoping the children will return. The children don’t return until they are grown up. 

This is when Wendy decides that she, John, and Michael must return home that very night. Peter is hurt by this but acts as if he is not. The Lost Boys are all sad. Wendy tells them they can come with her. She is sure her parents will adopt them. The Lost Boys agree, but Peter says he will stay behind.

Peter arranges for the Native Americans to walk the group through the woods to the sea. At that point, Wendy will fly with them back to the Darling’s house.

Just as the group is about to leave, they hear a terrible fight taking place between the pirates and the Native Americans.


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Chapter 11 Wendy’s Story Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 11

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  • Vocabulary Practice with descendants & insubordination
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 11
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Character Traits for Peter Pan and Wendy ~ Comparing Characters]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Why did Peter not like Wendy’s story?
      1. Peter was jealous because he didn’t have a mother and father to return to.
      2. Peter wanted to be the center of attention.
      3. The story made Peter out to be the “bad guy” because he was the one who took her away from home.
      4. The story meant Wendy was remembering her home and might leave Neverland.

2. Read this passage from Chapter 11.

So up they flew to their mummy and daddy, and pen cannot describe the happy scene, over which we draw a veil.

Which type of figurative language is used?

      1. personification
      2. idiom
      3. simile
      4. metaphor

3. What does the passage from #2 above mean?

  1. Explain how Peter’s actions in Chapter 11 show that he can act mature like a grownup and not as a child.
  1. Compare the Darling children returning home to another story in which a son or daughter returns home after running away.

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