Peter Pan Chapter 01

Peter Pan Chapter 1 Peter Breaks Through

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Where Do I Begin

If you wish to use the entire Peter Pan Book Unit, the best place to start is with the FREE introduction resource found on Teachers Pay Teachers. This resource contains the following:

  • A Schedule for All Blog Posts
  • Lesson Plans at a Glance
  • A Vocabulary List with Words, Definitions, and Sample Sentences from the Text
  • Vocabulary Bookmarks
  • Word Cards with Storage Pocket
  • Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test
  • Instructions for Using the Constructed Response Questions as Interactive Notebook Pages

Chapter 1 ~ Peter Breaks Through Summary

The Darlings are a happy family. They have three children: Wendy, John, and Michael. Mr. Darling’s finances are stretched thin with three children; however, he wants them to be a proper family. Since all proper families have a nanny, he must have one as well, so Mr. Darling gets a Newfoundland dog to act as a nanny.

Mrs. Darling has a special dimple-like area next to her mouth “a kiss” which no one is allowed to touch. This “kiss” is a bit of her youth she keeps all to herself.

At night, Mrs. Darling goes into the nursery where her children are sleeping to organize her children’s dreams. She moves the bad thoughts to the bottom of their minds and moves the pleasant thoughts up to the top. When she does this, Mrs. Darling notices all her children have thought about a young boy named Peter. Vaguely, Mrs. Darling remembers Peter from her childhood memories but thinks he must be an adult by now.

One day, Mrs. Darling finds leaves on the nursery floor. Wendy tells her mother that Peter must have left them. The next night, Mrs. Darling falls asleep in the nursery. Peter arrives and notices Mrs. Darling’s “kiss.” Mrs. Darling is surprised to see that this is the same Peter from her youth, and he still has all his baby teeth.

 Click here to download FREE vocabulary practice, comprehension printables, and a foldable organizer for Chapter 1. 

Chapter 1 ~ Peter Breaks Through Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 1

This free pdf file contains three printable practice worksheets:

  • Vocabulary Practice with conspicuous & implore
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 1
  • Constructed Response Writing [Comparing Wendy’s, John’s, and Michael’s Neverland] 


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. The biggest problem the Darlings have is —.
      1.  deciding if they can keep their children
      2.   keeping Peter Pan away
      3.   finding a nanny
      4.   having enough income to support a family

2. Place a check in front of each line from Chapter 1 that shows foreshadowing.

____  “I have one pound seventeen here, and two and six at the office.”

____ “Oh, why can’t you remain like this forever!”

____ “I know she admires you tremendously, George.”

____ There are zigzag lines on it, just like your temperature on a card.

____ There never was a simpler happier family until the coming of Peter Pan.

  1. What is unusual about the nurse (nanny) called Nana that the Darlings hire?
  1. What concern does Mr. Darling have regarding Nana?
  1. Explain what Mrs. Darling does each evening when she checks on her sleeping children.
  1. What is the hidden kiss?
  1. Because Mrs. Darling has kept the hidden kiss from all others…
  1. The map of a child’s mind is the map of…

Character Traits


The character traits booklets are divided into categories such as Neverland Inhabitants and The Lost Boys. Students list the character traits of all of the main characters in the booklets. Answer keys are also provided. Here is a partial list of character traits that are provided in the handout.

Get Character Trait Activities Here.

Peter Pan

  • wears an outfit made of autumn leaves and cobwebs
  • still has all his “first teeth”
  • boastful (congratulates himself when Wendy sews his shadow back on)
  • forgetful
  • self-centered
  • a nonchalant, reckless attitude
  • unending youth
  • flies because of a combination of fairy dust and thinking lovely wonderful thoughts
  • When trapped on Marooner’s Rock he says, “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

Darling Children


  • comes to Neverland to be the mother of the Lost Boys
  • has romantic feelings toward Peter
  • Peter befriends Wendy’s daughter, the granddaughter. . .


  • Wendy’s older brother
  • fascinated by pirates
  • imitates Captain Hook
  • courageous
  • smart


  • Wendy’s youngest brother
  • Before Peter Pan takes the Darling children away to Neverland, Michael often plays as if he is Peter Pan.

Free Peter Pan Book Unit

Where do I Begin?

If you wish to use the entire Peter Pan Book Unit, the best place to start is with the FREE introduction resource found on Teachers Pay Teachers. This resource contains the following:


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