Peter Pan Chapter 03

Peter Pan Chapter 3 Come Away Come Away

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Chapter 3 Come Away Come Away Summary

Meeting Tinker Bell

Peter Pan comes in through the nursery window with a fairy named Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell finds Peter’s shadow in the chest. Peter is trying to get the shadow to stick back on with soap. When this doesn’t work, Peter begins to cry. The crying wakes Wendy up.

Wendy sews Peter’s shadow back on. When reattached, Peter congratulates himself for getting the job done. Wendy is upset that Peter is taking the credit for her work, so she goes back to bed. This is when Peter tells her that because she is a girl, she is special. Wendy offers to give Peter a kiss, but he only holds out his hand. Not knowing what to do, Wendy gives Peter a thimble. In return, Peter gives Wendy an acorn button. Wendy puts the button on a string and places it around her neck.

What are Fairies?

Peter explains to Wendy how fairies are born and die. All of a sudden, Peter realizes he has trapped Tinker Bell in the drawer and lets her out. Wendy is delighted to see a fairy, but Peter tells Wendy that Tinker Bell is just an ordinary fairy. Tinker Bell is jealous of Wendy and pulls her hair. Peter continues his tale. Then he hints that the Lost Boys need a mother figure. This is when Wendy gives Peter a real kiss.

Going to Neverland

Peter says he has been coming to the window for years to hear stories. Wendy tells Peter the story of Cinderella. This is when Peter asks Wendy if she will come to Neverland and tell stories to the Lost Boys. Wendy asks if John and Michael can come along.

A frantic, barking Nana finally breaks free of her chain and runs down the street to find the Darling parents. Peter teaches the Darling children how to fly. They fly out the nursery window toward Neverland just as the Darling parents enter the empty nursery.

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Chapter 3 Come Away Come Away Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 3

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  • Vocabulary Practice with appall & insolent
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 3
  • Constructed Response Writing [Character Traits for Peter Pan] 


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Check all the things that surprise Wendy in Chapter 3.

_____Peter does not have a mother.

_____Peter’s directions to where he lives.

_____ Peter tells Wendy he has been coming to her window to listen to stories.

_____An angry and rude Tinker Bell comes out of the dresser drawer.

_____Peter’s short name.

2. Which emotion best describes Peter’s emotions when Wendy sews on his shadow?

    1. offensive
    2. arrogant
    3. grateful
    4. mysterious


  1. Explain how Peter came to be separated from his parents and how he met up with the lost boys.
  1. Fairies are made from…
  1. Fairies die when…
  1. Because of the way fairies are born and the way they die, when Peter blows fairy dust at the children he is really giving the children…
  1. Write the solution to each of the following problems in Chapter 3.
  • Nana is tied in the backyard and can’t get to the nursery when Peter Pan arrives.
  • Peter Pan is unable to attach his shadow.
  • Wendy told Peter she was going to give him a kiss. Peter held out his hand expectantly so, . . . .

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