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Chapter 15 Hook or Me This Time Summary

Ticking Crocodile

As Peter Pan walks through the woods on the way to Hook’s ship, he sees the crocodile. Peter notices the crocodile is no longer ticking. Peter starts making the ticking sound. He thinks all the hungry animals in the forest will think he is the crocodile and will leave him alone. When the crocodile hears the ticking, he is comforted by the sound and starts to follow Peter. Peter reaches the “Jolly Roger” and climbs on board. The pirates hear the ticking and think the crocodile is coming. They run and hide. This gives Peter the opportunity to make his way to the cabin, killing pirates along the way.

The Ghost

When the ticking sound stops, Hook decides it is time to make the boys walk the plank. He sends one of the pirates into his cabin to get his whip. The pirates on deck hear a crowing sound coming from the cabin. Hook sends a second pirate into the cabin to see what is going on. This pirate confirms the first pirate is dead. He goes in to get the whip. The pirates then hear a second crowing sound. Slightly begins counting the number of pirates that died.

Finally, Captain Hook heads into the cabin. His candles are blown out. Hook returns to the deck. The pirates think a ghost is aboard the ship. Hook decides to send the boys into the cabin to confront the ghost. When the boys enter the cabin, Peter unlocks their chains.

Hook’s End

Peter and the boys sneak up on deck. Peter changes places with Wendy. He places her shawl over himself as a disguise. Peter then makes a crowing sound. The pirates take this as a sign that the ghost has killed the boys.

The pirates grow angry with Hook. Hook tells them he will kill Wendy. He tells the pirates that bringing a girl on board the ship has created a curse. Hook approaches “Wendy” who is really Peter in disguise. When Hook realizes the person is Peter, a fight breaks out between the boys and the pirates. The boys team up while the pirates scatter. This gives the boys an advantage in the fight, and most of the pirates die. A few jump overboard. As Hook fights Peter his thoughts are all in good and bad form. Hook wants Peter to show bad form. This finally happens when Peter makes a comment that sounds like nonsense to Hook.

Hook races around the deck fighting Peter, but his mind is in the past. Finally, Hook has had enough of the fight. He jumps overboard where the crocodile is waiting for him.

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Chapter 15 Hook or Me This Time Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 15

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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Peter’s idea to tick like the crocodile could best be described as —–.
      1. foolish
      2. accidental cleverness
      3. a planned strategy
      4. use of good form
  1. What is the most likely reason Peter does not slay Captain Hook when he comes into the cabin, as he has done with the two pirates that came in before him?
      1. Peter cannot see Hook; therefore he doesn’t know where to stab.
      2. Peter is afraid of Hook.
      3. Peter’s sense of fairness will not allow him to hurt Hook while it is dark.
      4. Peter has a plan to rescue the boys and Wendy that will not work if Hook is injured.

3. Peter crows each time ____________________. Why does Peter crow after he has unchained all the boys?

  1. __________________ becomes the scapegoat when Hook can’t explain what is taking place on the ship to his crew.
  1. Read this passage from Chapter 15.The crocodile was among those who heard the sound, and it followed him, though whether with the purpose of regaining what it had lost, or merely as a friend under the belief that it was again ticking itself, will never be certainly known, for, like slaves to a fixed idea, it was a stupid beast.Name the type of figurative language used in the passage and then tell what the passage means.

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