Peter Pan Chapter 12

Chapter 12 The Children are Carried Off

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Chapter 12 The Children are Carried Off Summary

A terrible battle takes place between the pirates and the Native Americans. Many of the Native Americans are killed. A few escape including Tiger Lily.

The boys listen to the battle from their cavern home. Once all is quiet, they say that if the Native Americans win they will play their tom-toms. Snee hears this and begins to pound the drums.

The boys think the Native Americans have won, and start to climb up to see.

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Chapter 12 The Children are Carried Off Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 12

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  • Vocabulary Practice with goaded & pandemonium
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 12
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Setting]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. The main idea of Chapter 12 is —.
        1. Tiger Lily gets away.
        2. Captain Hook hates Peter Pan.
        3. The pirates attack the natives and win.
        4. Wendy, John, and Michael decide to leave Neverland.

2. Chapter 12 reveals that Captain Hook’s motives for wanting to kill Peter Pan are more than just the loss of his arm. Explain what Hook’s motives are.

  1. How does the boys’ sense of fairness make them vulnerable?
  1. Read this line from Chapter 12.
    The doomed children answered with a cheer that was music to the black hearts above.
    What types of figurative language can be found in the passage? _____

    What does the passage mean? ____
  1. During the time that J.M. Barrie wrote Peter Pan in 1904, children often played games pretending to be Native Americans or pirates. The topic wasn’t controversial as it is today. If Barrie had written Peter Pan today, how might these characters be different?

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