Peter Pan Chapter 06

Chapter 6 The Little House

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Chapter 6 The Little House Summary

Peter Pan flies in right after Tootles has shot Wendy. Peter is about to kill Tootles for the act when Wendy moves her hand. She has not died. The acorn button that was the “kiss” that Peter had given her saves the arrow from hitting Wendy. She is only slightly injured.

Peter Pan learns that the accident was caused by Tinker Bell. At first, Peter says she is banished forever and later changes her banishment to a week.

So as not to disturb Wendy, Peter tells the boys to build a small house around Wendy. They run down to the cavern and gather things that will make the little house feel like home. John and Michael fly in and help with the building even though they are extremely tired.

After the house is finished, the boys knock on the door and Wendy invites them inside. Wendy plays the motherly role of telling the boys a bedtime story before they all fall asleep.


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Chapter 6 The Little House Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 6

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  • Vocabulary Practice with amicably & carousing
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 6
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Problem and Solution Chain]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. A good title for Chapter 6 could be —.
      1. Tinker Bell’s Revenge
      2. The Doctor
      3. Hook on the Loose
      4. Saved by a Kiss

2. Check each magical touch the little house processes.

_____ knocker

_____ ability to grow to accommodate everyone

_____ smoking smokestack

_____ babes

  1. Fill in each blank space with a word that makes sense and follows the events that took place in Chapter 6.The Lost Boys thought Wendy was a _____________________as she flew across the sky. Tootle raised his _____________________and shot his arrow straight at Wendy. His shot was true. The arrow went toward Wendy’s _______________________. After she hit the ground, the Lost Boys thought she had ______________________. When they saw her up close, they realized Wendy was a human and was meant to be their ______________________. Suddenly they heard Peter Pan’s _______________________. Peter Pan was angry when he saw Wendy on the ground. He raised an arrow to use it like a _____________________________. As he aimed it at __________________________, Wendy moved her hand showing she was alive. The ________________________________________________ had saved her life. The arrow meant for Wendy had not pierced her heart but had been stopped.
  1. List three ways Peter Pan is different from the Lost Boys.

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