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Chapter 13 Do You Believe in Fairies? Summary


As each one of the boys climbs out of his tree, the pirates grab them. The boys are tied and gagged. Wendy is the last to come up. Hook treats her politely because he envisions her becoming the pirates’ mother.

The pirates place the boys inside Wendy’s little house. Four pirates heave the house upon their shoulders and carry the little house to their ship.

While tying up the boys, the pirates have a difficult time with Slightly because he is larger than the other boys. Hook thinks his tree opening may be large enough for a man to climb down. He is correct.

Poison for Peter

Hook climbs down Slightly’s tree and sees Peter sleeping on the bed. In his peaceful sleep, Hook can see Peter’s baby teeth. Hook is almost moved by this sight to leave Peter alone, but then he remembers how Peter’s arrogance has haunted him.

When Hook is unable to unlatch Slightly’s door to reach Peter, he decides to put poison in Peter’s medicine. Thinking that is the end of Peter, Hook leaves.

Peter is awakened a few minutes later by Tinker Bell. She had overheard Hook bragging about what he had done. Peter does not believe Tinker Bell and decides he will take his medicine to please Wendy before he goes after the boys. Tinker Bell beats Peter to the medicine and drinks it all down. She starts to die. Peter tells children everywhere who are dreaming about Neverland to clap if they believe in fairies. So many children clap that Wendy becomes well.

Going to Save the Lost Boys

Peter heads into the woods on the trail of the boys. He thinks he can not fly because he will disturb the wild birds who will make enough noise to alert the pirates. Walking through the woods is slow, but Peter is determined. He says, “It’s Hook or me this time.”


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Chapter 13 Do You Believe in Fairies? Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 13

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  • Vocabulary Practice with morass & gloat
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 13
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Point of View]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1.  Another title for Chapter 13 could be —.
      1. Captured by Pirates
      2. Slightly’s Size
      3. The Treatment of Wendy
      4. A Sleepy Peter Pan

2. Sequence the following events in order.

____ Children everywhere clap to show they believe in fairies.

____ The pirates realize how large Slightly is, so his door to the cavern home must be large as well.

____ Hook drops poison in Peter’s medicine.

____ Tinker Bell drinks the medicine to keep Peter from poisoning himself.

____ Tinker Bell wakes up Peter.

____ The children are thrown into Wendy’s small house and carried off toward the pirate ship.

    1. The effect of Slightly carving a larger door was ______.
            1. Tinker Bell heard Captain Hook’s plans.
            2. The boys were captured by the pirates.
            3. Hook was able to climb down inside the cavern home.
            4. The children were placed inside Wendy’s small home.

4. Tell if the passages from Chapter 13 contain a metaphor, simile, or personification. Then tell the meaning of the figurative phrases.

  • As he emerged at the top he looked the very spirit of evil breaking from its hole.
  • Type of Figurative Language ______________________
    Meaning ___________________________________________________
  • The moon was riding in a cloudy heaven when Peter rose from his tree.


  • Type of Figurative Language ______________________
    Meaning ___________________________________________________


  • “Out with it!” he shouted, and in one ungrammatical sentence, as long as the ribbons that conjurers [magicians] pull from their mouths, she told of the capture of Wendy and the boys.
  • Type of Figurative Language ______________________
    Meaning ___________________________________________________

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