Peter Pan Chapter 14

Chapter 14 The Pirate Ship

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Chapter 14 The Pirate Ship Summary

Captain Hook paces the deck of his ship “The Jolly Roger.” His thoughts are all about good form. The reader learns that Hook was once a respected British gentleman. Hook also thinks about Snee. All children like Snee and Hook are disgruntled because children do not feel the same for him. Finally, he has had enough.

Hook tells the pirates to bring the boys up on deck. He plans to make them all walk the plank except two. Hook needs two boys for cabin boys. The Lost Boys tell Hook their mother would not want them to be pirates. Hook then turns to John and Michael. They tell Hook that they can not be pirates because they must stay loyal to the British Crown.

Since Hook is upset, he brings Wendy up to witness the event. Wendy shows her disgust at the dirty ship and Hook’s dirty clothes. When Hook sees this, he tells Wendy to say last words to the boys. She tells them, “I feel that I have a message to you from your real mothers and it is this: ‘We hope our sons will die like English gentlemen.'” Then the pirates tie Wendy to the mast.

Hook is about to make the boys walk the plank when he hears the ticking of the crocodile. Hook runs to hide. 

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Chapter 14 The Pirate Ship Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 14

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  • Vocabulary Practice with din & prudent
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 14
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Conflict]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. A good title for Chapter 14 could be —.
      1. Wendy’s Mother Ways
      2. Walking the Plank
      3. Peter to the Rescue
      4. Good Form

2. Read this passage from Chapter 14.

His vitals were tortured by this problem. It was a claw within him sharper than the iron one; and as it tore him.

Name the type of figurative language used in the passage and then tell what the passage means.

  1. Fill in each blank space with a word that makes sense and follows the events that took place in Chapter 14.
    The boys and __________________ were held captive aboard the __________________ __________________ . Hook paced the deck in thought while the children were chained up in the brig. The chains were to insure the children would not __________________ when they were brought up and forced to __________________ __________________ __________________. The boys were asked if they wanted to be cabin boys aboard the ship. Each boy said __________________ __________________ would not approve. Suddenly Hook heard the __________________ of the crocodile. He asked his crew to __________________ him. Once Hook was hidden, the boys ran to the side of the ship and found not the __________________ but __________________ .
  1. List character traits of Captain Hook.

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