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For those of you wishing to use just a portion of Peter Pan with your students, the combination of Chapters 8 and 9 is a good stand-alone part of the book. The story is exciting, full of adventure, and suspense. Chapter 8 ends with a cliffhanger, so I recommend adding Chapter 9. Note: Chapter 8 does contain a fight, so it may not be suitable for all children.

Chapter 8 The Mermaids’ Lagoon Summary

Time with the Mermaids

Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and the Darlings spend the day playing with the mermaids in the lagoon. Wendy makes the boys rest after lunch. They are napping on Marooner’s Rock when Peter senses the pirates are near. He wakes up and tells the boys to dive into the lagoon.

Tiger Lily’s Capture

Two pirates row up to Marooner’s Rock with Tiger Lily. They found her snooping around on their ship. They tie her up and plan to leave her on the rock letting the tide come in to drown her.

The Rescue

Peter has a plan to rescue her. He uses Captain Hook’s voice and tells the pirates to release her. They do. After Tiger Lily goes, the real Captain Hook arrives. Hook brings the news that the Lost Boys have found a mother. The pirates plan to steal her away to become their mother. This is when Hook notices that Tiger Lily is missing. He asks the pirates about her, and they tell him he ordered her release.

The pirates think it is Hook’s ghost that gave the order. They begin talking to the voice. After a while, Peter who can’t help but boast, reveals that it is him disguising his voice to sound like Hook.

The Fight

A fight breaks out between the pirates and the Lost Boys. Peter and Hook fight. The fight leads them to Marooner’s Rock. Peter sees that he has an unfair advantage in the fight and gives Hook a hand up. Hook doesn’t fight fair which really upsets Peter. The fighting is fierce until Hook hears the ticking crocodile. Hook leaves in a hurry hightailing it back to his ship. 


Wendy and Hook end up on Marooner’s Rock with the tide coming in. They are both too weak to swim to shore or fly for home. The tide is getting higher and higher on the rock. Suddenly Michael and John’s kite drifts across the rock. The kite is too small to lift them both, so Peter tells Wendy to grab on and let it carry her home.

Peter thinks he is going to die, but suddenly he is not afraid. He thinks dying will be a big adventure.


Chapter 8 The Mermaids’ Lagoon Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 8

This free pdf file contains three printable practice worksheets:

  • Vocabulary Practice with interlopers & henchmen
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 8
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Summarizing]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Read this line from Chapter 8.. . . the lagoon that had always hitherto been such a laughing place seemed formidable and unfriendly.Which type of figurative language is used?
      1. personification
      2. hyperbole
      3. simile
      4. metaphor

2. List an example in Chapter 8 where Peter Pan’s arrogance created a situation that put others in danger.

  1. Describe Peter’s feelings about fairness.
  1. Predict what you think will happen to Peter at the end of Chapter 8.
  2. List the effect of each cause.
    • Captain Hook heard the ticking of the crocodile.
    • Michael’s kite string lands on the rock.

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