Peter Pan Chapter 10

Peter Pan Chapter 10 The Happy Home

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Peter Pan Chapter 10 The Happy Home Summary

Because Peter Pan has saved Tiger Lily’s life, the Native Americans are friendly toward the Lost Boys. They begin to idolize Peter which irritates the boys. Because they are so thankful, the Native Americans stay above the Lost Boy’s cavern home and guard it against the pirates.

The “Night of Nights” begins when Peter comes back from checking what time it is. The crocodile regularly chimes out the time. Peter and Wendy have a strange conversation. Wendy wants to know what Peter thinks of her. Peter answers that he feels like a devoted son. This upsets Wendy who moves away from Peter.

The whole group dances and sings. They have a wonderful evening not knowing this will be their last together. At bedtime, Wendy starts to tell a story. This is a story that Peter doesn’t like; however, he stays to hear it anyway.

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Chapter 10 The Happy Home Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 10

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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Which of the following problems was Peter most concerned about?
      1. Peter doesn’t want to grow old.
      2. Peter is concerned about what time it is.
      3. The natives watching over his home.
      4. Peter is worried about having to listen to Wendy’s story.

2. Sequence the following events in order.

____ Peter comes home.

____ The whole family sings and dances.

____ Wendy tells a story.

____ Peter and Wendy have a conversation about the boys as if they are really the boys’ parents.

____The children ate a pretend meal.

  1. Tell if the following passages contain a simile, foreshadowing, or personification.

____________________ Fancy Wendy snapping! But she had been much tried, and she little knew what was to happen before the night was out. If she had known she would not have snapped.

____________________ It was a pillow fight rather than a dance, and when it was finished, the pillows insisted on one bout more, like partners who know that they may never meet again.

____________________ The day, as if quietly gathering its forces, had been almost uneventful, and now the redskins in their blankets were at their posts above, while, below, the children were having their evening meal.

  1. Peter Pan is puzzled over how each female in his life reacts to him. Using details from the text to support your answer, tell what Wendy, Tinker Bell, and Tiger Lily all want Peter to be.

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