Peter Pan ~ Chapter 9 “The Never Bird”

Chapter 9 The Never Bird

Chapter 9 The Never Bird ~ Free Peter Pan Book Unit ~ Each week collect one resource until you have the complete Peter Pan Book Unit.


Chapter 9 The Never Bird Summary

Peter Pan is on Marooner’s Rock with the tide getting higher and higher. A Never Bird spots Peter and wants to help. She pushes her floating nest closer to Peter. She tries to tell him to swim toward her, but they don’t speak the same language. The two become quite irritated when they can’t communicate.

Finally the bird gets her nest right up to the rock. Peter does not want to damage her eggs. He places them gently into a pirate’s hat that was left on the rock. He sends the waterproof hat with the eggs out into the sea. The mother bird lands on her eggs and is very happy with her new “nest.”

Peter rides in the bird nest to the shore and actually bets Wendy back  to their cavern home. Soon everyone is reunited and happy.

Chapter 9 The Never Bird Printables

This free pdf file contains three printable practice worksheets:

  • Vocabulary Practice with scurvy & scandalized
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 9
  • Constructive Response Writing Question [Your Course of Action vs. Peter’s Course]

You can get the file here.

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