Peter Pan Chapter 09

Peter Pan Chapter 9 The Never Bird

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Chapter 9 The Never Bird Summary

Peter Pan is on Marooner’s Rock with the tide getting higher and higher. A Never Bird spots Peter and wants to help. She pushes her floating nest closer to Peter. She tries to tell him to swim toward her, but they don’t speak the same language. The two become quite irritated when they can’t communicate.

Finally, the bird gets her nest right up to the rock. Peter does not want to damage her eggs. He places them gently into a pirate’s hat that was left on the rock. He sends the waterproof hat with the eggs out into the sea. The mother bird lands on her eggs and is very happy with her new “nest.”

Peter rides in the bird’s nest to the shore and actually bets Wendy back to their cavern home. Soon everyone is reunited and happy.

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Chapter 9 The Never Bird Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 9
    • This free pdf file contains three printable practice worksheets:
      • Vocabulary Practice with scurvy & scandalized
      • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 9
      • Constructed Response Writing Question [Your Course of Action vs. Peter’s Course]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Read this line from Chapter 9. Steadily the waters rose till they were nibbling at his feet; and to pass the time until they made their final gulp, he watched the only thing on the lagoon. Which type of figurative language is used? ___________________________
  1. The author most likely used this type of figurative language because he wanted the reader to —.
          1. connect with the object that is personified
          2. make the non-human entity more brilliant
          3. understand what was taking place
          4. understand what was taking place


  1. Which of the following events happened first?
          1. Peter floats to shore in the nest.
          2. The Never Bird and Peter become irritated with each other.
          3. Peter places the eggs gently into a hat.
          4. Peter watches what he thinks is part of the kite floating on the waves.


  1. Read this passage from Chapter 9.
    I rather wonder at the bird, for though he had been nice to her, he had also sometimes tormented her. I can suppose only that, like Mrs. Darling and the rest of them, she was melted because he had all his first teeth.

What does the author most likely mean when he refers to Peter Pan and his first teeth?

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