Peter Pan Chapter 02

Peter Pan Chapter 2 The Shadow

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Peter Pan Chapter 2 The Shadow Summary

Mrs. Darling shouts when she sees Peter Pan in the nursery. This brings the Newfoundland Nana running into the room. Peter heads for the window but not before Nana traps his shadow. Mrs. Darling folds up the shadow and places it inside a drawer. She decides not to tell her husband about this.

The next Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Darling are getting ready to go to a party down the street. Mr. Darling comes into the nursery to get Mrs. Darling to help him with his tie. The group dances around until Nana bumps into Mr. Darling and gets hair on his pants.

Nana decides it is time for Michael to take his medicine. Michael complains. Wendy comes up with the idea that Mr. Darling and Michael can take their medicine at the same time. This is when Mr. Darling, who thinks he has cleverly hidden his medicine, finds out that Wendy knows where it is. Michael and Mr. Darling measure out their spoonfuls. Michael takes his medicine, but Mr. Darling hides behind his back. When he is found out, Mr. Darling pours his medicine into Nana’s bowl. Nana comes in and drinks some water discovering what Mr. Darling has done.

In his embarrassment, Mr. Darling ties up Nana in the backyard, before heading to the party. Nana barks but Mr. Darling won’t change his mind. As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Darling head off to the party, the stars tell Peter Pan it is safe to go inside the Darlings’ house.

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Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 2

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  • Vocabulary Practice with sarcastic & reprove
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 2
  • Constructed Response Writing [Figurative Language] 


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Sample Question from the Handout

      1.   He thought Nana would prevent Peter Pan from coming into the house.
      2.   Nana embarrassed him because he wouldn’t take his medicine as an adult should.
      3.   He didn’t want Nana’s barking to keep his children awake.
      4.   He didn’t want Nana to give him chiding looks all night.


More Sample Questions 

Check all the literary devices that can be found in this passage. Use different color highlighters to highlight clues in the passage for each device.

_____ flashback


_____ personification

_____ simile

_____ foreshadowing


      1. Complete the cause and effect chart to explain some of the events that took place in Chapter 2.
      • Nana closes the window as Peter Pan is trying to get away…
      • Michael does not want to take his medicine…
      • Mr. Darling is embarrassed that he acts like a child when he is given medicine…
      • Nana is tied up in the backyard instead of in the nursery protecting the children…

Point of View

Peter Pan Point of View

Peter Pan is told by a narrator. Even though the narrator is not a character in the book, he refers to himself as “I” at times and speaks directly to the reader at times making the reader feel as if s/he is having a conversation… “I don’t know whether you have ever seen a map of a person’s mind.”

The story is told from the third-person point of view omniscient. The narrator tells what most of the characters are thinking; however, the story mostly follows the main character’s thoughts.

At times the narrator directly addresses the reader. For example, “Would that he could hear us, but we are not really on the island, and he passes by, biting his knuckles.” Another example is, “Let us now kill a pirate, to show Hook’s method.”


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