Peter Pan Chapter 04

Peter Pan Chapter 4 The Flight

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Chapter 4 The Flight Summary


Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, and Tinker Bell fly toward Neverland for many days. Peter helps them get food from the birds. Often Peter goes off on adventures of his own, coming back with mermaid fins stuck to him. The Darling children think he may completely forget all about them. The children easily fly as long as they are awake, but as soon as they fall asleep they begin to fall. Peter laughing saves them at the last second. 

They approach Neverland as the sun is setting. The island looks the way it often does in the children’s dreams, a frightening place at dusk.

Peter tells the Darlings about the pirates. He once cut off Captain Hook’s hand in a battle, so they are bitter enemies. When the pirates spot the children flying overhead, they pull out their big gun which they have named Big Tom. Because Tinker Bell’s light makes the group an easy target for the pirates, she hides in John’s hat. Wendy ends up carrying her.

The pirates fire at the group. They are not directly hit but scattered in all directions. This is when a jealous Tinker Bell is alone with Wendy. She thinks of a plan to get rid of Wendy.


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Chapter 4 The Flight Printables

Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 4

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  • Vocabulary Practice with mutual & whelps
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 4
  • Constructed Response Writing [Peter Pan’s Strengths and Weaknesses] 


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. A good title for Chapter 4 could be:
      1. The Journey to Neverland
      2. Off to See the Mermaids
      3. Pirate Attack
      4. Peter to the Rescue

2. Sequence the following events in order.

_____ Michael hides Tinker Bell in his hat.

_____ The pirates blast Long Tom.

_____ Peter steals food from the birds.

_____ Wendy follows Tinker Bell to her doom.

_____ Michael and John circle around church spires or any other tall objects.

_____ The setting sun points to Neverland.

_____ Michael nearly falls into the ocean.

  1. Read this line from Chapter 3.. . . that Peter did not seem to know that this was rather an odd way of getting your bread and butter. . .What type of figurative language is used in this line?What does the line mean? What was Peter doing when this line was used in Chapter 3?
  1. Describe Neverland.
  2. Why is Tinker Bell trying to hurt Wendy?

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