Peter Pan Chapter 07

Peter Pan Chapter 7 The Home Under the Ground

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Chapter 7 The Home Under the Ground Summary

The next day, everyone goes to the cavern home. Wendy becomes the boy’s “mother.” She cooks meals (which are sometimes make-believe) darns socks, and other motherly things for the boys. She complains about all the work, but she really loves doing it. Wendy has a pet wolf that keeps her company.

Wendy thinks John and Michael will forget their parents. To remedy this, she gives the boys tests. Peter gets into this “game.” He pretends to be a normal person which is fun for him since he has never had a normal life.

The narrator begins speaking to the reader. There are many stories about Neverland and Peter the narrator could tell. Several stories are mentioned. Finally, the narrator tosses a coin to make the decision. The narrator then begins to tell the story of The Neverbird and the Lagoon.


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Questions for Peter Pan Chapter 7

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  • Vocabulary Practice with sanguinary & succulence
  • Comprehension Questions for Chapter 7
  • Constructed Response Writing Question [Comparing Stories]


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Sample Questions from the Handout

  1. Read this line from Chapter 7.

After a few days’ practice they could go up and down as gaily as buckets in a well.

Which type of figurative language is used?

      1. personification
      2. hyperbole
      3. simile
      4. metaphor

2. Sequence the following events from Chapter 7.

_____ Peter enjoys pretending that he is an ordinary boy.

_____ The narrator can’t decide which of Peter Pan’s adventures would be the best to tell.

_____ Wendy gives the boys quizzes about their parents.

_____ Peter measures Michael, John, and Wendy and makes tree holes.

  1. If you could interview Wendy at this point in the story what would you ask her?
  1. If you could interview Peter Pan at this point in the story what would you ask him?
  1. Make an illustration of the underground home as it is described in Chapter 7.

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