Parent Connection Newsletter 7

Parent Connection Newsletter #7

The Parent Connection Newsletter provides parents with ideas and links to resources to help their children learn to read more fluently. This post contains Issue #7 in the series.

This button link goes to the Google Slide version of the newsletter in both color and black and white versions. The text can be edited to meet your needs before sending the newsletter either in printable or digital versions to parents.

The Newsletter Content

Tips for Parents


With the end of the year testing coming up soon, here are some things you can do beforehand to help your child: 

  • Don’t be anxious about your child’s test scores. If you place too much emphasis on them, your child will also become anxious.
  • Review mistakes on teacher-made or practice tests. Discuss wrong answers to find out why your child answered as s/he did. Sometimes, a child misunderstands the way a question is worded. Going over mistakes may prevent this from happening in the future.
  • When reviewing tests, ask questions to determine if your child used his/her time wisely. Also, determine if guessing was a good idea. This will help your child know what to do on the next test.

Free Online Resources

Father and Son Looking at the Laptop

Enjoy these free online lessons and tutorials to help improve reading and writing skills.


Follow the link below to a webpage of links to the lessons and games. Have fun playing and learning.

Thinking out of the Box

Parent and Child Looking at a Book

This activity goes hand-in-hand with the “Activity to Try.” Plan a field trip for you and your child to a workplace or plan a meeting with someone who has a career in an area your child has an interest. Have your child prepare a list of questions to ask before going. You may need to do a little research to determine some good questions. If a face-to-face meeting can’t be arranged, help your child write a letter instead.

Activity to Try


One fun thing for you and your child to do together is research careers. Ask your child what s/he would like to become one day. Read a little about this career. Write a short list of qualities a person needs for this career choice. For example, a firefighter must be a good listener, not panic in emergencies, and communicate clearly with others.

Place this list along with the date in a “Time Capsule.” This could be an empty paper towel roll. Place the “Time Capsule” away for a specified number of months. When time, take the paper out and compare what was written to new interests. You may wish to research a second career and repeat the process to be explored later.

Teacher Information

I hope you enjoyed Issue #7. One more newsletter will go out in April for the end of the school year. 

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Gay Miller

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