Parent Connection Newsletter 6

Parent Connection Newsletter #6

The Parent Connection newsletter provides parents with ideas and links to resources to help their children learn to read more fluently. This post contains Issue #6 in the series.

This button link goes to the Google Slide version of the newsletter in both color and black and white versions. The text can be edited to meet your needs before sending the newsletter either in printable or digital versions to parents.

The Parent Connection Newsletter Content

Tips for Parents

Setting Goals

By setting weekly goals, you can encourage your child to read more frequently with more challenging material, such as nonfiction books. Use a chart for your child to record what s/he is reading and the time spent doing so. Offer rewards when goals are met. Rewards do not have to be monetary. Your child can work toward a special outing, skipping a chore, or doing an enjoyable activity.

Try buddy reading if your child is not quite reaching the set goal. With buddy reading, you read a page, and then your child reads a page. Buddy reading is a great way to model how you want your child to read.

Free Online Resources

Family Looking at Laptop

The prefix and suffix online games were such a hit in the last newsletter that I have decided to do something similar this month.


Follow the link below to a webpage of links to grammar (parts of speech) games. Have fun playing and learning.

Thinking out of the Box

Mother and Daughter

Whether or not you are planning to purchase a large item such as a car or computer or just selecting a good book or movie, reading reviews is a huge help in deciding item which is best. Have your child make a T-chart. Write good points down one side of the chart and bad points down the other. Before long your child has made a decision on which to select and practiced and important skill in the process.

Activity to Try


Write a letter. With the ease of texting and email, letter writing has become a lost art. Technology cannot replace the warm feeling you get when someone you care about takes the time to write a handwritten letter. Long after someone receives a letter, it can be reread and appreciated. Letter writing preserves memories unlike technology can, SO have your child write a letter to grandparents, aunts and uncles, or friends.

Teacher Information about the Parent Newsletter

The Next Newsletters

I hope you enjoy Issue #6. My plan is to create two more to round at the school year. You can check back in March for Issue #7. 

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