Parent Connection Newsletter ~ Issue #1

The Parent Connection newsletter provides parents with ideas and links to resources to help their children learn to read more fluently. This post contains Issue #1 in the series.

Are you interesting in sending a monthly newsletter to your parents? This one focuses on reading and writing and includes tips, resources, activities, and ways to get the reluctant reader reading. Parent Connection Newsletter ~ Issue #1

The Newsletter Project

One of my projects for this school year is to create a monthly reading newsletter for parents. While I plan to send the letter digitally to all parents who provide an e-mail address, I have a few that will get a printable copy. For this reason the newsletter will be one page. On the reverse side of the printable reading newsletter, I plan to send a second newsletter that contains classroom news.

The newsletter is divided into four parts:

  • A Parent Tip

  • Free Online Resources (Because I could use up the entire page with links, I have decided that each newsletter will contain one link that will go to a page on my website. This webpage will contain a list of helpful links related to the topic.)

  • Thinking Outside the Box (This section will list a way parents can encourage their child to read that doesn’t require a book. This will be helpful to parents with reluctant readers.)

  • Activity to Try (Activities will include games, outings, and projects that parents can do with their child that will promote reading.)


I’ve decided to post these newsletters here each month for teachers would would like to send them home to their students. You can download a pdf version of the newsletter by clicking:










Gay Miller


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