Parent Connection Newsletter 8

Parent Connection Newsletter #8

All parents want their children to become better readers. The Parent Connection Newsletter provides parents with ideas and links to resources to help their children learn to read more fluently. This post contains Issue #8 which is the final in the series.

This button link goes to the Google Slide version of the newsletter in both color and black and white versions. The text can be edited to meet your needs before sending the newsletter either in printable or digital versions to parents.

The Parent Newsletter Content

Tips for Parents


Comic Strips and Graphic Novels

Read comic strips together. Share favorite comics from your childhood with your child. Your child can cut out his/her favorites and turn them into a scrapbook or place them on the refrigerator for reading again later.

Have you heard about graphic novels? 

Graphic novels are book-length comics. The story is told in a series of pictures with limited text. Unlike comic books, graphic novels are usually stand-alone stories. They have more complex plots. Many favorite children’s stories have now been turned into graphic novels. Because of their growing popularity, graphic novels are found in most libraries.

Free Online Resources

Mother and Daughter Planning and Event on the Laptop

Don’t allow time for your child to say, “I’m bored.” Here is a list of summer projects and great book lists to keep your child busy all summer long.

Parent Newsletter – Thinking out of the Box

Assortment of Greeting Cards

Go to the store and pick out the perfect greeting card for a birthday, Father’s Day, or another upcoming event. Discuss which cards were the best, made you laugh, were mushy, etc.

Activity to Try


With summer quickly approaching, many families spend a good bit of time in the car. Find some good audiobooks to listen to as you travel. Stop the audio after each chapter and discuss the story.

One way to ensure your child pays close attention is to play “Stump the Grownup.” During the discussion, challenge your child to stump you with some good questions. Then it is your turn to ask your child two or three questions about the story.

Teacher Information about the Parent Newsletter


I hope you enjoy this parent newsletter issue #8. This is the last newsletter of the school year. It contains things parents can do with their children over the summer.

If you missed the link to get the newsletter to send home to parents, here it is again.
Gay Miller

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