Parent Connection Newsletter 3

Parent Connection Newsletter #3

All parents want their children to become better readers. The Connection Newsletter provides parents with ideas and links to resources to help their children learn to read more fluently. This post contains Issue #3.

This button link goes to the Google Slide version of the newsletter in both color and black and white versions. The text can be edited to meet your needs before sending the newsletter either in printable or digital versions to parents

The Parent Connection Newsletter Content

Tips for Parents

What does the story mean? 

Stop at natural breaks in the story and ask questions. Avoid questions with “yes” or “no” answers.

Instead, ask questions such as:

  • What do you think will happen next?
  • Which character in the story did you like the best? Why?
  • What was the setting of the story?
  • Who was telling the story?
  • What was the most exciting part of the story?
  • Retell the story in your own words.
  • What was the funniest, saddest, or scariest part of the story?

Free Online Resources

Boy Reading

Each of these six websites provides free tools to help your child create his/her own story books.

Thinking out of the Box

Mother with Daughter

One way to get your child writing is to ask him/her to help you create lists. Here are a few lists you could try:

  • Shopping lists
  • Suggested gifts to consider for family members for the upcoming holiday
  • “To Do” lists
  • Things to pack for  a trip
  • Activities your child wants to do during the holiday break
  • Wish Lists  ~ This could include activities as well as objects.

Activity to Try


Play Pictionary. You don’t need to run out and buy the board game. Make up your own list of words to draw. Be sure to include various words such as words with prefixes, compound words, verbs, adjectives, or even your child’s current list of vocabulary words. Write the words on strips of paper for the game.

You will need two teams or players. The first player selects a word and reads it silently. Start a timer. The player must then draw pictures of the word to show its meaning while the other team/player tries to guess the word. Record the time it took to guess the word correctly.

The next player/team takes a turn using a different word. Again, the timer records the time. After several rounds, the team/player with the least total time wins the game.

Teacher Information about the Parent Connection Newsletter

Creating Storybooks

This month one of the major units we are covering in class is writing narratives. I decided to encourage writing at home by listing websites where students can create storybooks. It is a great time of the year to have students create books as they make wonderful Christmas gifts for grandparents. The link to the resource page above is an image, so you can’t click to see the websites I found; however, by clicking on Issue #3 below you can download the pdf file. On this file the link is clickable.

Gay Miller

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