Teaching using the Dolittle Movie


With its megastar cast, many students will be talking about the upcoming movie Dolittle on MLK weekend – January 17, 2020. Not only does the film feature Robert Downey Jr. as Dolittle, the animals are voiced by superstars. Just to name a few, Tom Holland will play Dolittle’s dog Jip; Emma Thompson will play the parrot Polynesia; and Selena Gomez will play the giraffe Betsy. Take advantage of this high interest moment by teaching a few skills connected with the film. Continue Reading

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How to Eliminate Wordiness

Teaching Students How to Improve Student Essays from Gay Miller @ Book Units Teacher

Have you ever wondered how to teach students to eliminate wordiness in their essays? Professional writers edit and rewrite texts repeatedly. This post contains four areas to look for when revising for conciseness. Do not have students memorize these lists. Instead teach the concept of eliminating wordiness by going over these examples. Have students look through their writing to see if they have clouded the meaning they wish to convey with unneeded words.

Have students look for redundant pairs, explaining the obvious, using unnecessary modifiers, and repeating thoughts. Teaching students to be aware of, finding, and eliminating unneeded words will greatly improve their writing. Here is an organizer that will help. Continue Reading

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Teaching Students about Double Negatives

Teaching Students about Double Negatives from Gay Miller @ Book Units Teacher

People frequently use double negatives in song lyrics and informal speech. Due to this, many students have a difficult time realizing that double negatives are incorrect grammar.

Take advantage of students’ love for music and teach double negative rules using song lyrics. Continue Reading

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Broken: Rock Paper Scissors

Teaching Reading and Writing with Animated Short Films - FREE Activities

The animated short film Broken: Rock, Scissors, Paper brings to life the child’s game with three fantastical characters.  Continue Reading

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Sharing Our Blessings – A Thank You Giveaway

Sharing Our Blessings - A Thank You Giveaway

When asked what I am thankful for, the first thing that comes to mind is family. A terrific husband, two of the best kids ever. Plus grandparents who are now in heaven, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces and and hopefully one day grandkids. 

Sharing our Blessings – A Thanksgiving Gift for You

In honor of this time of sharing our blessings, this group of upper elementary bloggers are hosting this special blog hop! The first part includes sharing a paid resource for just two days [Sunday 11/24 and Monday 11/25]. See the end of this post for the other blogger’s posts with great freebies. Here is the link to my free product. Remember, it won’t be free until Sunday. Continue Reading

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Allies by Alan Gratz

Allies by Alan Gratz

Did you love Alan Gratz’s novel Refugee?  He writes another winner with his newest book Allies. In this book, Gratz tells six separate stories following six different D-Day operations through six different perspectives. If you are looking for a novel your students will love, look no further.

Operation Neptune  – Dee

Sid and Dee arrive at Omaha Beach. As soon as the door to the Higgins boat opens, German machine guns blast the soldiers. When Dee gets out of the boat, he realizes they are in deep water. Sergeant Taylor yells for help because he can’t swim. Dee goes to help him. By the time the two reach shore, Taylor has died from a gunshot wound in Dee’s arms… Continue Reading

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Different Ways to Start Sentences

FREE Teaching Ideas & Activities for Teaching Different Was to Start Sentences from Gay Miller @ Book Units Teacher

Students should use different ways to start sentences. Teaching students to use a variety of sentence structures can greatly improve their writing. Begin by having students write a short passage. This can be on any topic including narratives or nonfiction. Next have students use highlighters to underline the first word in each sentence. Students will be surprised that their sentences often begin with the same words repeated over and over.

Go over some ways to begin sentences other than the typical subject-verb sentence structure. Then have students rewrite their passages making sure that every sentence begins with a different word. Turn the activity into a challenge by seeing how many different sentence beginning methods students can use in their passages. Continue Reading

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