Standardized Testing – Motivational Ideas for Test Day

Motivational Test Taking Stragegies

Are you looking for some motivational ideas for test day?

Your students will be ready to tackle the challenge with these seven fantastic ideas. Read about candy notes, crafts, posters and bulletin boards, lapbooks, and videos. Follow the links for free printable. Enjoy! I hope your students rock the test.

The handout includes printable candy and cookie quotes as well as links to the Google Slide versions.

Motivational Ideas for Test Day

Motivational Idea #1 Candy Quotes

Motivational Candy Quotes for Test Taking

The handout includes these six quotes on Google Slides for easy printing. All Google Slides have 4 of the same quote to make printing easier.

  • The “Dots”  slide was created on a table. It is completely editable.
  • Change the table colors, font, text, and more. 
  • The word “dots” is made with word art.

Here are a few more quotes you might wish to try.

Blow” the test away.

It’s “crunch” time.

You’re a “starburst” of knowledge.

It’s time to show off the “mounds” of learning in your heard!

You’re “o-FISH-ally” amazing. Show it off today. (Swedish Fish)

Another Candy Quote Idea

Motivational Candy Quotes for Test Taking

Rock candy can vary greatly in price.  The crystal rock lollipops are about $1.00 each if you buy them in bulk. Chocolate rocks, while delicious, are also expensive. Pop  Rocks are a little over a dollar per .33 ounce package.

If you are looking for more affordable alternatives try Space Rocks Popping Candy. Oriental Trading sells these in boxes of 36 packages for about $10.00. This popping candy comes in small packages that make them great for sharing.

Also, check out Asian Rock Sugar. It is also called Chinese sugar, Chinese rock candy or Chinese sugar crystal. 

Another option is for students to make their own rock candy. YouTube offers a number of instructional videos for doing this.

Candy Video
Play Video about Candy Video

Still More Candy Quotes

Sweet Treats for Testing Motivation

These fantastic labels from A Classroom for All Seasons are sure to make your students work hard on testing day.

Motivational Idea #2 Cookie Quote

Motivational Quotes for Test Taking

The next printable is great for cookie treats. Choose between black and white or colored versions. In this example, the colored version was printed on colored paper. This printable is in the handout.

Motivational Idea #3 Word Rocks

Motivational Words for Rock Painting

Dabbles & Babbles blog has full instructions for creating these beautiful motivational rocks. Before the test, have students create word rocks with messages that encourage them to do their best such as ‘Believe!’ or ‘You can do it.’ Students place these rocks in their pockets during the test to help them remember to do their best.

Motivational Idea # 4 Motivational Ideas for Test Day – Posters and Bulletin Boards

Motivational Poster for Test Day

This poster comes from Ms. Fultz’s Corner…Where Practicality Meets Creativity. Christi writes about test-taking strategies in her blog post.

Motivational Poster for Test Day

 This photo idea and the one below came from I love this iPhone idea.

Motivational Poster for Test Day

Motivational Idea # 5 Foldable Organizers

Test Taking Foldable Organizer

This beautiful test-taking strategies idea comes from Mrs. Andrews at Confessions of a Teachaholic. Check out her post to see what to write inside the foldable.

Motivational Idea # 6 Foldable Organizers

Test Taking Goals

Amanda from Teaching Maddeness provides printables for these testing turtles. She reads The Tortoise and the Hare before she has her students write their goals. Great idea, Amanda! 

Motivational Idea # 7 Inspirational Videos

Motivational Video
Play Video about Motivational Video
Motivational Video
Play Video about Motivational Video

 These videos motivate students to have a better attitude toward life. These speeches are uplifting and would be great to show in the days leading up to the test. Michelle Obama narrates the second video. 

If you missed the handout at the beginning of the post, you can find it again here.

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