Animated Short Distracted versus Dear Alice

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The animated shorts Distracted and Dear Alice tell similar stories of two young girls who crave the attention of their parents. The parents are too distracted by their cell phones to give their daughters the attention they need.

Distracted versus Dear Alice


In this animated short, a father works on his cell phone. His daughter repeatedly tries to get her father’s attention by showing him things about her life: her stuffed toy, an A+ on a math assignment, and a drawing.  

In one scene, the camera sweeps around the distracted father. The father looks older and continues to be distracted by his phone. A photograph on the wall shows the girl at an older age. The father finally looks up from his phone. The father drops his phone when his grown up daughter is leaving home.

Dear Alice

In the animated short, Dear Alice, a mother talks on the phone while her daughter tries to show her a picture she has drawn. The mother tells her daughter that she is busy. Alice turns her attention to a passenger on the bus. In return, the passenger shows her kindness by returning her dropped drawing.

At the end of the film, Alice adds to her drawing a picture of the passenger. Both look happy. Alice waves at the boy as he gets off the bus. The mother is clueless during the entire interaction. 

This film is unique in that the perspective of the story is shown through the boy, an observer of the situation.


The young girls look to be about the same age at the beginning of the films. In both stories, a parent does not give his/her daughter the attention she needs. Both girls try to show her parent a drawing.

The viewer of Dear Alice wants to show the mother the animated short Distracted. Could the mother learn a lesson from this dad before it is too late?

Two Activities 

Teaching Reading and Writing Skills with Animated Shorts Distracted and Dear Alice - FREE Lesson

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