Teaching Character Traits with Graphic Organizers

Character Traits

Teaching Character Traits

Describing a character in depth including describing a character’s thoughts, words, or actions is an important Common Core Standard. Beginning in 5th grade students must also be able to compare characters. Listed below are a few ways to help students understand this important standard.

#1 Use a Picture of the Character with Descriptive Words

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An Evening with John Archambault

Gamma Mu Members with John Archambault

John Archambault

Each fall Johnson County Friends of the Library and our local chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma team up to host a children’s author or book illustrator. Over a couple of days, the author or illustrator presents programs for all the elementary children in our system, an event for parents and children together, followed by something special for our group.

This year we were lucky enough to get John Archambault, author of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. He presented a wonderful program full of music. The children in the audience were super engaged throughout his program. Below is a Youtube clip of him singing his famous book. I included it so you could get a little taste of what his presentation was like. Continue Reading

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The Plot Development Roller Coaster

Plot Development Anchor Chart

Plot Development

Teaching students to describe the plot of a book or story can be compared to a roller coaster.

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Ten Interesting Facts . . .The US Constitution

Pennsylvania State House

Ten Interesting Facts . . . .
The U.S. Constitution

1. Philadelphia

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Activities for Teaching Setting in Literature

Free Beach Setting Anchor Chart

Teaching Setting

Activity #1

I often teach the setting of a story by discussing genres. I ask students to name where and when a specific genre takes place.

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Ten Interesting Facts . . . Volcanoes

Mount St. Helens 2005

Mount St. Helens 2005

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Writing for an Audience

Writing for a Specific Audience Free Mini Lesson

Most students can grasp the concept of changing the way they write or speak depending on who they are addressing in just a small mini lesson. This post offers free materials to teach the lesson. Included is a PowerPoint, card activity, and foldable organizer. In no time your students will be able to write and speak to a specific audience. This includes using both formal and informal speech.

Teaching this lesson is super important as it is addressed in a large number of Common Core State Standards. Continue Reading

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