Free Digital Games

Free Digital Games

During this stressful time make distance learning fun with these free digital games created in Google Slides. Everything you need is on the slides. This includes the dice and movable playing pieces. 

Digital Bump

If you haven’t used the educational game BUMP in your classroom, you are in for a real treat. I’m turned the board game into an interactive Google Slides game. Everything students need is on the slide. The rules are basically the same.


  • To determine who goes first, click the word dice on the Menu. Select 1 dice. A pop up window will let you know the outcome of the dice roll.
  • On a turn, roll two dice.
  • Read the sentence that corresponds with the number rolled.
  • Drag a marker over the correct answer.
  • If another player’s marker is on that answer, BUMP it off.
  • The player takes back the marker and may use it again.
  • If your marker is on that answer, add a second marker. Now that spot is frozen. This means no other player can bump you.
  • If you roll an answer that is not available, this is the end of your turn.
  • The winner is the player who uses all his/her markers first.

Al Capone Does My Shirts Digital Bump

The BFG Digital Bump Games

Walk Two Moons Digital Trail Game

Setting Up the Game for Play

Players must enable the script for the dice. Click on the word Dice in the toolbar. Follow the steps on the pop-up dialog boxes.

This game may be played with two to four players.

Distance Learning

Two players will need to use the same game board. A player can use the Share button to share the file with a friend. Players will need to have edit access.

The Object of the Game

To be the last person to cover a sentence in the center of the game board.

Rules for Playing

  1.   Roll a die to determine which player goes first.
  2.   When it is a player’s turn, s/he rolls the die and moves the indicated number of spaces. The player then reads the word. Students find the sentence in the center of the game that the word will complete and cover the sentence with a marker. If the sentence is already covered, the player simply does nothing until his/her next turn.
  3.   When a player lands on a “Free Space,” s/he may cover any sentence. If a student lands on a picture space, s/he does nothing.
  4. Play continues until all the sentences in the center of the game board are covered. The person to cover the last sentence is the winner.
I hope these fun activities will make distance learning fun for students and easy for teachers!


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