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This month's free item is a series of foldable graphic organizers. They may be used individually in interactive notebooks or placed together on file folders to make a study carrel complete with resources to aid in writing a narrative.

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Here you will find classroom ideas, teaching materials, units with online quizzes, interactive activities, and printables. The links above are a great way to get started.

Past Free Products
of the Month

May 2016 Narrative Writing Organizers
April 2016 BUMP Games to use with The BFG
March 2016 Homophones and Homographs Games
February 2016 Cinderella
January 2016 Context Clues
December 2015 Character Traits Books to use with Stone Fox
November 2015 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
October 2015 Johnny Appleseed Vocabulary
September 2015 Punctuation Task Cards
August 2015 Back to School Procedure Task Cards
July 2015 Pronoun Task Cards
June 2015 Spoons Game with Root Words
May 2015 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Book Unit
April 2015
(Poetry Month)
Poetry Sampler
March 2015
(St. Patrick's Day)
St. Patrick's Day Homophones

February 2015
(Black History Month)

Free Black History Month Scoot
January 2015
Free Winter Figurative Language
December 2014
Prefix and Suffix
I Have, Who Has
November 2014
The Story of Thanksgiving
October 2014
Free Halloween Craftivity
September 2014
(Constitution Day)
Free Constitution Facts and Foldable Organizers
August 2014
(Back to School)
Free Back to School Lap Book
July 2014
Free Sun Foldable Organizer
June 2014
(Father's Day)
Free Father's Day Gift Vouchers with a Candy Twist
May 2014
(Memorial Day)
Free United States Wars Graphic Organizer
April 2014
(Earth Day)
Free Earth Day Bulletin Board
March 2014 Free Water Cycle Pop-Up Organizer
February 2014
(Winter Olympics)
Free Olympic Symbols Activities
January 2014 Free Idioms Mini Lesson
December 2013
Free Compare and Contrast Christmas
November 2013
Free Native American Lap Book

Top 10 Webpages of the Month

1   Blog        
2.  Native American Chart   
3.  Anchor Charts 
4.  Revolutionary War  
5.  Civil War
6. The US Constitution
7.   Colonial America 
8.  Cold War
9.  Home Page  
10. Civil Rights

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