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As far back as tenth grade, I knew I wanted to be a special education teacher. I finished college and began my first teaching job in January 1980. I was in an extremely small school with less than 40 students. I taught the resource students for the first hour of the day, while the small special ed bus gathered the 6 to 8 students in my Comprehensive Developmental Class (CDC). I worked with the CDC students until about 2:00 when the bus returned to school to take them home. Then, I spent a second hour with resource students. During this time, I knew my true calling was teaching the resource students. I went back to school to get a masters in LD. While working on this degree, I enrolled in every reading method class I could squeeze into my schedule for this was my favorite subject to teach. Once I finished my masters, I transferred from the smallest school in the district to the largest to a full time resource position. This was my “home” for 30 years until my retirement last spring.

Teaching trends have changed many times during my teaching career. One of the biggest changes was moving from teaching special ed students in a pull out resource program to an inclusion program. Over the past ten years or so, I have spent the majority of my time team teaching with some of the best 4th, 5th, and 6th grade language arts teachers.

Retirement was short lived. I received a call over the summer asking if I would return for two days a week. I am now tutoring students, mostly reading, and loving it!

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