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Activities to do with the Novel The One and Only Bob

Fans of The One and Only Ivan are going to be thrilled with its sequel. Ivan’s lovable friend narrates the story in The One and Only Bob.

 The One and Only Bob Summary

At the zoo, Bob visits Ivan and Ruby when a terrible storm quickly blows in. Bob ends up inside a tornado. He flies across the zoo and lands in the giraffe cage. As he makes his way back to Ivan and Ruby, he comes across several zoo animals that need help. At one point, he helps a baby sloth get back to her family. He also passes the wolf den and sees Kimu in a dazed state. 

Finally, Bob reaches Gorilla World and Elephant Odyssey. There, he discovers the wall separating the two spaces has crumbled to the ground. A baby gorilla named Kudzoo becomes stuck in the elephant’s mud pond. Ruby comes up with a plan to rescue Kudzoo by having several elephants weave their trunks together to form a net to scoop him out.

Next, Bob goes to check on Ivan. Inside the gorilla cave, he finds Ivan trapped under crumbled concrete and a heavy beam. After a frightening ordeal, firefighters free Ivan. Luckily, he is not hurt.

Through the crackling static, Bob thinks he hears his long-lost sister bark over the police radio. He decides he must leave the zoo and check on the animals at the animal shelter and hopefully find his sister.

Flashback — After being tossed out of the moving truck, Bob hears Boss and knows she survived being thrown. When her crying stops, he is too afraid to go check on her, so he leaves. Bob feels guilty over abandoning his sister even though he is only a few months old.

As Bob leaves the zoo, the wolf Kimu walks past the police cars. Police fire shots at him and miss. Kimu runs away……

Activities for The One and Only Bob

Book Unit Samples

The One and Only Bob Novel Study

This sample includes activities from Chapters 1-10 including vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, and constructed response questions.

Teaching Idea #1 ~ 2 Bump Games

Figurative Language Bump Game

This link will take you to two bump games.

Bump Game 1

The first game features vocabulary and sentences from The One and Only Bob. Students read cloze sentences and determine which word best completes the sentence.

Here are a few examples:

The eerie quiet doesn’t last. Before long, the squeals and shrieks and brays and squawks of the animal kingdom crowd the air. (p. 152)

I’ve ridden around the grounds of the park in Julia’s backpack enough to know every inch of the place. I’ve even chatted with many of the residents. (p. 161).

Context Clues Bump Game

Bump Game 2

The second game features literary elements from the story. Students match the phrase from the story to its literary element.

Here are a few examples:

Page 15 – But I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours. (repetition)

Page 24 – down, dizzy and dazed (alliteration)

Page 32 – I’d give up a mile-high pile of bacon cheeseburgers to see that happen. (hyperbole)

Page 39 – know the ropes (idiom)

Three versions of the games are provided. Full-colored and ink-friendly printables are in the pdf. Also, links to Google Slide versions are also provided.

Teaching Idea #2 ~ Videos

Video #1 – Book Trailer 

Video #2 – Author Katherine Applegate reads the first 5 chapters of her book.

The One and Only Bob Digital Book Unit
The One and Only Bob Questions

See the product that inspired this post.

The One and Only Bob Novel Study

The One and Only Bob Novel Study includes vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, constructed response writing, and skill practice.  

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