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Free Native American Google Slides ActivitiesNow with distance learning, I decided it was time to update my American History Lapbook Series using Google Apps. This means my free Native American Lapbook resource has been updated. Native Americans for Distance Learning is a perfect for home study.

Let me back up a moment and explain from the beginning. The Native American section is one of the most visited areas of the Book Units Teachers Website. These webpages include reports, craft ideas, teaching materials, a quiz, and much more. Many of the photos in this section came from the Native American Student Museum.

The Native American Student Museum included exhibits for parents and the school. Each person in the class chose one topic to research, and then built a display board, gathered all the related craft items that were made while studying Native Americans, and decked themselves in costumes. Next students planned a 30 second speech on their chosen topics. The exhibit was in our school cafeteria. We invited everyone in our school and our parents to attend. The Tomahawk, our local newspaper, even sent a reporter to cover the event. It was great fun, and we learned a lot.

Keep reading; freebies ahead.

Native American Living Museum Created by StudentsNative American Living Museum Created by Students 

Native American Living Museum Created by Students

Native American Teaching Materials

Native American Lapbook

Free Native American Lapbook for Students  

A few years back lapbooks and interactive notebooks were a huge trend in education. This is when I created My American History Lapbook Series. The lapbooks go along with the pages at Book Units Teacher. Since the Native American section was created using student reports, it just made sense that this lapbook would be free.

(Note: This link takes you to the product on TPT that includes both the printable lapbook and the updated Google resources.)


Using the organizers, students learn about various topics related to Native tribes in North America. Organizers include foods, homes, clothing, and so on.

More Native American Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans

Several years back, teachers in our district were trained in writing UOPs. After the training, teachers were required to create a detailed UOP lesson plan. I selected the topic of study to be Native Americans because my students had just completed the Student Native American Museum the year earlier, and I had a lot of materials, photos, and ideas. Like so many trends in education, UOPs have faded away; however, the lesson plans still have some good ideas and materials. You can find my UOP here.

About a year ago, I updated the Native American section of Book Units Teacher to make the pages device responsive. You can now view most of the webpages using iPads, iPhones, etc. without the text and images running off the screen. Yippee!

While updating the website, I took some of the handouts from this unit and turned them into Google Slides. If you want students to write individual reports on Native American groups of tribes, the Note Taking Chart will be really helpful. Rubrics for Creating a Project and Writing a Report are also on Google Slides.

Another place of interest is Suggestions for Demonstrations. This page provides a long list of topics for students to consider.

If you want to tie in reading lessons with your Native American study, you’ll want to visit the Lesson Plans section. This section includes suggested picture books for different Native American groups. A few even include printable activities such as Legend of the Indian Paintbrush and Annie and the Old One Sequencing Strips.

Moving from Printable to Digital – Native Americans for Distance Learning

Free Native American Google Slides Activities


The Native American Lapbook is now Native Americans Digital Unit and Printable Lapbook. This resource is still free.



The organization of study has changed. Instead of studying foods, homes, clothing etc., students study tribes. Students read a Google Doc about one group or tribe. They then summarize the information or create a bulleted list of details and facts from the report on Google Slides. Eleven Native American groups are included. The setup is perfect for small group or individual study.

The unit also has reports on 10 famous Native Americans with Google Slides for students to briefly describe the individual.

A Look at the Digital Materials

Free Native American Google Slides Activities 

Free Native American Google Slides Activities

Free Native American Google Slides Activities 

Free Native American Google Slides Activities

I hope these updates will make distance learning fun for students and easy for teachers!


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