Biblical, Literary, Historical, and Mythical Allusions 

Mythical, Biblical, Literary, and Historical Allusions 

Have your students ever asked you about the meanings of mythical allusions such as these?

  • Resisting chocolate is my Achilles heel.
  • Cupid strikes again.
  • Money brings us happiness but sometimes it is a Pandora’s Box.
  • All his shops are extremely profitable. He has the Midas touch.
  • Is his plan a Trojan horse that will end the good life?

The Common Core State Standards states fourth graders need to be able to “Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including those that allude to significant characters found in mythology (e.g., Herculean).”

This free lesson provides several activities to help students become aware of some of mythical, biblical, literary, and historical allusions found in the world around them.

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Hook – Mythical Allusions in Logos

Biblical, Literary, Historical, and Mythical Allusions 

This activity requires students to match three cards. The first contains a company’s logo. The second contains the name of the company and its product. The final card provides a description of the origin of the company’s name. This matching activity leads to a discussion that explains how many phrases we use in day to day conversations come from mythology.

Does your school limit printable copies? Don’t worry! Both printable and digital versions are available.

Lesson Activity 

Mythical, Biblical, Literary, and Historical Allusions  Free Practice

In the lesson activity, students will use context clues to determine the meanings of the mythological, biblical, literary, and historical allusions. Students will also use the allusions in sentences.

Be sure to download the printable version as it has the answer keys.

You can download the printable version here. You can download the digital version here




Extension Activities

Free Digital + Printable Lesson on Mythical, Biblical, Literary, and Historical Allusions 

#1 Youtube Videos

#2 Free Lessons using Greek Myths

These blog posts include free printable versions of the stories. Included vocabulary practice, comprehension questions, and a writing prompts make each myth a lesson that will be enjoyed.

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