Oxymoron Definition, Examples, and Lesson

Oxymoron Definition and Examples

Oxymoron is a figure of speech which contains words that seem conflicting to one another.


pretty ugly

recorded live

The budget was unlimited, but I exceeded it. – Donald Trump

I am going to order some jumbo shrimp for dinner.

He talks in riddles. He has me clearly confused.

Phillip plays ten different instruments. He is a one-man band.

George has a fever and chills. He is in poor health.

I am so hungry. The pizza looks awfully good.

David is seriously funny when he starts telling jokes.

The band is going to record live during the concert.

The monster is pretty ugly.

Free Oxymoron Activities

Read the definition of irony and find examples with this free mini lesson on oxymoron.
Free Mini Lesson on Oxymoron - includes a Video, Slides, and Printables

In this mini lesson, students watch the video. The video goes over the definition and one example. Next students pause the video to complete either the digital or printable organizer. After completing the organizer, students continue watching the video to check their responses. This activity is a great introduction for an oxymoron lesson.

Activities in this free series are set up as individual lessons making them great to assign through Google Classroom. Click here to download the free activities from Google Drive. This is the digital version. Here you will find the printable version.

Want to Dig Deeper?

Activity#1Have students make their own memory games with the words below. To play, students match the two words together that make the oxymoron. 

    • act naturally
    • alone in a crowd
    • bad luck
    • bittersweet
    • climb down
    • deafening silence
    • definite maybe
    • found missing
    • friendly takeover
    • guest host
    • growing smaller
    • icy hot
    • loosely sealed
    • old news
    • only choice
    • random order
    • same difference
    • soft rock
    • student teacher
    • terribly good
    • true fiction
    • walking dead
    • wise fool

Activity#2Make a class book. Assign each student one oxymoron to draw and use in a sentence. 


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